Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy – What is it?

Trigger point therapy is used to release stubborn muscle knots, which improves blood circulation in the affected area. The practitioner applies pressure through fingers, which helps the muscle restore its activity. Many other techniques like dry needling, trigger point injections, and chiropractic care are also used in this therapy based on your condition.

Trigger points are knotted lumps developed in the skeletal muscles. They form due to multiple reasons like trauma, excessive or poor muscle use.

Key benefits of this therapy

If you are searching ‘trigger point therapy near me’ on Google, you should first learn the key benefits of the therapy to see how it can help you improve your health.

Improve movement of joints and muscles

Muscle lumps can reduce your range of motion due to pain and tension in the muscle. However, you can release muscle tension and knots with the help of trigger point therapy which can further help you restore joint/muscle flexibility and movement. Many athletes get this therapy to reduce muscle pain and improve their overall performance.

Get rid of headaches

A headache can occur due to different reasons. One of these reasons is the tightness of the neck and upper back muscles. If you feel that your neck and back muscles are tense, getting trigger point therapy may help you reduce headaches and their intensity.

Improve body posture

People notice an improvement in their posture after having this therapy. When your shoulder, neck, and back muscles are stressed, they cause posture-related issues. Therefore, getting these muscles relaxed and tension-free can make your body posture look better.

Decrease muscle soreness

Muscle soreness is a common issue that people experience after going to the gym or exercising at home. It can make your muscles feel tight, stiff, and aching. It generally occurs due to the accumulation of waste products in muscles and the breakdown of muscle fibers.

During trigger point therapy, the practitioner massages the sore points, releasing waste products and boosting blood circulation in the affected area.

Prevent workout injuries

This therapy is also considered a great pre-workout practice. When it is done with dynamic stretching, it prevents workout injuries and enhances muscle performance.

What happens during a session?

Your therapist will first ask you about the pain that you are experiencing. They may also do a physical examination to check posture and find related muscle issues. Depending on which muscle requires attention, you will be asked to either sit in a chair or lie down on a bed.

The therapist will then find trigger points using hands. They will press a trigger point for 60 to 90 seconds and then release it. They’ll massage different muscles to relieve pain and get rid of trigger points. The duration of a therapy session depends on your muscle-related issue. It generally lasts for 60 minutes.

If you are searching ‘trigger point therapy near me’ on the internet, make sure you first check the practitioner's qualifications before making a final decision on which one to try out.


You can certainly enjoy the health effects of trigger point therapy with an experienced and knowledgeable therapist. Therefore, reach out to the right practitioner for you today!

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