Time Line Therapy

Time Line Therapy – What is it?

Time line therapy is a powerful therapeutic approach to help with personal growth and development. The therapy helps eliminate the distressing emotions linked with past traumatic memories and provides a chance to learn from these events.

Developed by Tad James, this therapy is based on the concept that our unconscious mind stores our memories in a categorized manner.

Time line therapy believes that our past negative experiences are stored in our unconscious mind and these past experiences are what our present behaviors are based on. The negative emotions associated with these events tend to reflect in our actions. These actions become our personalities as time passes by. By participating in time line therapy, you can learn to identify these triggering memories and how these memories are limiting your present-day life.

One benefit that makes this therapy different from other forms of therapy is the fact that time line therapy can help you get rid of a negative emotion altogether. While the other therapies focus on a single traumatic event of your past and help release distressing emotions associated with that particular event, time line therapy will entirely eliminate an emotion. For example, if you are struggling with controlling a single negative emotion like anger, sadness, guilt, fear, etc., this therapy should be the treatment of choice for you.

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What are the benefits?

Every one of us can encounter a troubling emotion or feeling in our life that can get difficult to manage. These feelings and emotions can negatively affect our behavior if left unresolved. You can get benefit from this therapy if you are struggling with any of the following negative emotions or illnesses:

○  Depression

○  Anxiety

○  Fear

○  Apathy

○  Sadness

○  Grief

○  Insomnia

○  Indifference

○  Procrastination

○  Low-self esteem

○  Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

○  Chronic medical illness

A time line therapist can guide you in the following ways by using different techniques:

Effectively let go of a negative emotion without having to relive the painful memories of your past

Overcome your irrational fears

Identify and get rid of limiting beliefs and decisions

Make healthy decisions about your future by using critical thinking

Be aware of your present

Be more accepting

Focus on the positive events of your past

If you are facing any of the issues mentioned earlier, you can find a suitable professional to help you by searching "time line therapy near me.”

What should I expect from a session?

The primary goal of this therapy is to regain full control of your life and not let past negative experiences control your behavior. As the name reflects, time line therapy sessions involve creating a timeline of your past traumatic events.

Your therapist will guide you to carefully think about your negative experiences chronologically. They will ask you to make a mental image of this linear timeline, starting from your past and moving toward your future. Your therapist will gently guide you to use your active imagination to recognize the root cause of a particular emotion. This process is conducted by your unconscious mind. Once your therapist has determined the origin of your negative emotion and what had caused it, they can use different techniques to unlink that emotion from all your memories.

Your therapist can help you see how an apparently negative event is helpful for you. By utilizing tools of empowerment and positivity, your therapist can help you create a positive outlook on your future. You and your therapist can then work together to set productive goals and effective plans to reach those goals.


Time line therapy can be an effective treatment for you to get rid of troubling emotions like fear, anger, guilt, sadness, etc. Search “time line therapy near me” to find the best available service around you.


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