Thai Massage

Thai Massage – What is it?

Thai massage, sometimes referred to as healing art, is a traditional form of massage that differs from the western-type massage in many aspects. It originated in India, and people have been using it for thousands of years to relieve muscle or joint pain and stiffness. It involves the use of several movements and stretches that help relieve muscles.

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5 Benefits of Thai massage

This massage offers these five main health benefits:

Relief back pain

It may help people relieve back pain without taking medications. It can also prevent back pain by targeting areas like the abdomen and inner thighs that cause back pain.

In a study, researchers divided 120 participants having back pain into two groups. The first group received a Thai massage, while the other received conservative management techniques. Both groups noticed a significant reduction in back pain.

Ease anxiety and promote calmness

The massage can reduce your anxiety and promote a feeling of calmness. Data shows that people who received Thai massage treatment felt more relaxed after it. Their brain scans were taken, which indicated an anxiety reduction.

Get rid of headaches

People suffering from migraine and tension headaches often notice a prominent reduction in their headaches. In several small studies, patients who had multiple sessions reported a reduction in the intensity of headaches.

Feel rejuvenated

Another appealing benefit that other massage types may not offer is increased energy levels. Thai massage uses yoga-like movements, which are believed to make people feel physically energized and mentally active.

Improved movement of muscles and joints

It can help you improve your movement and become more flexible. It is believed to do this by increasing blood circulation and promoting oxygen supply to body muscles.

During the research, a group of soccer players received a Thai massage to see if it helped them improve performance or not. After having three massage sessions, players reported improvement in their exercise performance.

What should I expect from this massage session?

You will not be laid on a table or couch; instead, you will be asked to lie on a covered floor. You will also not be asked to wear a towel or robe because this massage can be performed even when fully clothed.

The therapist will start using a combination of stretches that may look similar to the stretches of yoga. He or she will also apply firm pressure using his/her fingers and palms. Your body will be stretched in different directions or positions. The duration massage the massage can vary from 60 to 90 minutes.

When searching ‘Thai massage near me on the internet,’ make sure you select a certified and qualified therapist to get the right treatment.


This massage is a branch of ancient Thai medicine. The healing massage is used to remove tension from muscles with the help of different movements. Make sure you select an experienced and professional massage therapist who can help you improve your muscle health using genuine Thai massage techniques.


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