Health Coach

21st August 2022By DZ TeamHolistic Health

Health Coach

Health Coach – What is it?

A health coach, aka, wellness coach, is a person who helps you take responsibility for your diet, recognize the value of a healthy lifestyle, and change your habits to maximize your health. They can guide and motivate you through your health behavior change process and help you achieve your ultimate goals.

What are the benefits of a health coach?

Helps you identify your health-related goals

A lot of times, people want to get healthy but do not know where to start. Should they lose weight first or gain muscle? Should they work on their stress management skills or time management skills? These questions stay in their mind and do not let them take the first step.

If you too have such questions in mind and cannot identify your health related goals, working with a holistic health coach may help you recognize and achieve your goals.

Helps you create a step-by-step customized plan

Whether you want to manage your stress, increase energy and productivity, reduce symptoms of a disease, or maintain your weight, a health coach can help you create a customized plan on the basis of your goals.

He/she will divide your long-term goals into smart goals. For this, they’ll create a plan consisting of small, achievable, realistic, and measurable steps, making it easier to reach a big goal that initially looked daunting.

Offers non-judgmental support

Your holistic health coach will listen to your concerns carefully and then offer you advice. They will support you throughout your health behavior change process without giving judgmental remarks. They’ll motivate you whenever you need the extra push and help you recognize the true value of living a healthy lifestyle.

Gives expert and knowledgeable advice

The Internet is full of unauthentic and misleading information. Instead of relying on it, you can get help from a health coach to find which strategies and skills you need to accomplish your health related goals. Health coaches have expertise in psychological and nutritional sciences. They know how to design a plan and help a client follow it properly. They offer advice based on their experience and knowledge.

What should I expect from a consultation with a health coach?

They will first ask you why you need their help, and then they’ll design a step-by-step action plan based on your goals and needs. If you are stuck and do not know what your goals are, they can help you identify them as well. When creating a plan, they’ll seek your input as well. A consultation session with a health coach can be 60 to 90 minutes long.

Once your action plan has been crafted, your coach will stay in contact with you through phone calls, emails, and messages to see whether you are following the plan or not and what your progress rate is.


A health coach can be your change agent who can support you: shift your behavior, set realistic goals, find your strengths and improve your health strategically.


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