Online Fitness Business On Skillshare

13th August 2021By DZ TeamSelf-Improvement, Skillshare

Online Fitness Business On Skillshare

How To Transition Into Your Online Fitness Trainer Career

The online fitness business is a booming industry. This is your go-to guide if you want to learn how to transition into your fitness trainer career, using Skillshare.

Skillshare is an online learning platform that lets you work at your own pace by launching your course/classes, without going through the long process of approval or applications. Skillshare teachers are regular professionals and creators – people just like you. You do not need to have extensive experience and expertise to start your online fitness business on Skillshare.

Today, online fitness training is considered a more convenient method of teaching people from all over the world. It is easy on the pocket since you do not have to rent a gym and pay bills etc. You are not restricted to go to a particular place, at a particular time, when you can create videos anywhere, anytime.

Now, many people prefer establishing a home workout routine due to the convenience it provides. Besides that, due to the pandemic, many people lost their jobs. So, now they find online fitness training a more cost-effective method of meeting their health and fitness goals. They can learn from the comfort of their homes – all they need is a good internet connection!

It speaks a lot about why the online fitness industry is growing with each passing year. The digitalization of the world and the development of innovative technologies have also greatly supported the online fitness industry. With Skillshare, launching an online fitness business is so easy!

This 9-step easy-to-follow guide will provide you with a roadmap to start and launch your online fitness training course and take it to the next level!

Who Is This Article Aimed At?

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the labor market metrics. The rate of unemployment hit 14.8% in April 2020. Millions of people lost their jobs when the governments imposed countrywide lockdown. Gyms and training centers were all closed down to reduce the spread of the virus.

Despite the changing circumstances and several challenges, many fitness trainers started their online fitness training, not only to earn from the comfort of their homes, but also to help people cope with the pandemic-related stress and stay fit.

If you have also lost your job as a fitness trainer or discovered your passion for fitness training during the lockdown, you have come to the right place. This article will provide you with a step-by-step guide to starting your online fitness business, as an online fitness trainer, and boosting your business revenue over time.

Start your online fitness training and share your fitness-related experience with people from all around the world, to earn money even when you sleep!

Why Should You Teach Fitness Online?

Due to the pandemic, the fitness industry has seen remarkable changes as people adapt to life without fitness centers and gyms. The pandemic has created new fitness trends, which have led to the exponential growth of online fitness training.

Now more and more people are looking for online fitness programs on platforms like Skillshare. Seeing this increasing demand for online fitness training and its benefits, many professional trainers are shifting to virtual workout training and reaching more clients than ever before. This shift has also created more opportunities and made things easier for both students and trainers.

Online Fitness Business Stats

Let’s go through a few current stats to comprehend the true importance of online fitness training.

  1. The recent pandemic has made people realize the value of health and well-being more than ever. In a survey of 12,913 participants from different countries, it was found out that people who used to exercise 1 to 2 times a week started exercising 88% more during the lockdown.
  2. During the lockdown, many people started doing the workout at home. As a result, a 55% increase in the sales of fitness equipment was recorded.
  3. One of the popular exercise equipment companies, Peloton, noticed a huge surge in sales – their sales of fitness equipment doubled in 2020.
  4. In 2020, the download of fitness apps increased by 46% People started taking virtual fitness classes and watched recorded exercise videos to stay fit despite the closure of gyms and fitness clubs.
  5. Live streaming became quite popular during the lockdown. As a result, the number of consumers who preferred live-streamed workouts increased from 7% in 2019 to 80% in 2020. Out of these, 43% are planning to go back to their pre-COVID-19 routine but also include live streaming and online videos in their fitness routine.

More Stats

  1. The Fitness world saw many new trends, and many of them are here to stay even after the pandemic. 60% of gym-going Americans liked home workouts a lot, and they intend to cancel their in-person training memberships.
  2. In a survey conducted in April 2020 by Harrison Co., 40% of the participants said that they worked out at home for the first time due to the coronavirus. It is believed that many will continue to do so.
  3. As a result of the coronavirus, 74% of Americans downloaded at least one health and fitness app for online fitness training and maintaining their overall health.
  4. Since many fitness trainers lost their jobs and started virtual training to survive the crisis, during a survey, 83% of the online fitness trainers said that they would continue to work online even when the pandemic is over.
  5. Online fitness trainers made more money during and before the pandemic. 97% of fitness trainers plan to train clients after the pandemic by combining in-person and virtual coaching.

We all are seeing an increase in the use of Artificial Intelligence. It is expected that Al will replace humans to perform different tasks; as a result, many people could lose their jobs. It is the right time to start an online fitness business, as an online fitness trainer, on Skillshare. This will enable you to put down your roots in the online fitness world and build a following in an ever-growing industry.

The Advantages of Starting an Online Fitness Business

This is not a get-quick-rich kind of business. However, if you follow the right method to create and launch your online fitness training course, then it can be a lucrative and rewarding business option.

Here are the top benefits of starting your online fitness business as an online fitness trainer.

○ The earning of an online fitness trainer depends on several factors like the niche, course quality, etc. On average, an online fitness trainer can make around $44,105 per year. You can earn even six figures if you launch multiple courses and use the right marketing strategies for your online fitness business.

○ Do you have fitness-related knowledge? Then why create only one course when you can create multiple courses of different niches to target a diverse audience through different courses. You can resell these courses and keep earning for the same videos over the years.

○ It’s quite flexible as it does not restrict you to be at a particular place at a particular time. You can record your videos whenever you want and wherever you want. Your students also have the freedom to watch videos when they have time. It gives both the online fitness trainer and student the freedom of time and place.

○ This business gives you the professional freedom that the studio teaching method does not provide. You can create course content and videos however you see fit. You become in charge of everything. In short, you become your own boss.

Additional Benefits

○ There is no need to rent a place to train students when you can do the same by virtual training your students from your home. All an online fitness trainer needs is a professional-looking space, an internet connection, ample lighting, and some basic fitness equipment to get started.

○ You can reach out to people from all around the world. Your students can be from the United States, England, Canada, Germany, or any other part of the world.

○ You can offer a variety of courses that vary based on their duration, content, niche, and other factors.

○ You can expand your online fitness business by directing your online fitness training course students from the course to the fitness equipment you are selling.

○ Online fitness training is considered a more economical training option compared to in-person training, where students have to buy expensive memberships.

○ It is also safer for ill people who are advised to stay at home until they recover.

○ This type of business also requires little money to establish. You just have to invest in the beginning to create the course and launch it. Once it has established its roots, it will keep on reaching more and more students.

The Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Fitness Training

○ Exercise is a natural way of boosting your metabolic rate and burning more calories in less time. It can help people lose weight and even maintain it over the years.

○ Regular workout elevates the level of happy hormones in the bloodstream. It is one of the reasons why you feel happier and lighter after exercise.

○ Staying physically active is crucial to increasing and maintaining muscle strength and muscle mass. Exercise stimulates the production of hormones that encourage your muscles to produce more protein and build faster.

○ Engaging in physical exercise can elevate your energy level and may also keep you motivated. It is quite helpful for people who feel fatigued or have a medical condition.

○ Loss of bone density is an ageing sign. However, you can reduce it by exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy diet. It will also decrease your risk of bone fractures.

○ Fitness training helps people reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes by diminishing blood cholesterol levels and maintaining blood pressure.

○ A simple workout can be one of the best natural anti-anxiety treatments. It encourages the release of endorphins and relieves tension.

Do You Need to be an Expert to Start Teaching Fitness Online?

One of the most common concerns that people interested in launching an online fitness course have is “we are not expert trainers, how can we teach fitness?”

But who told you in the first place that you have to be an expert to launch your online fitness training course? Probably, no one but your own thoughts. Now hear the truth: “you do not have to be an expert and a certified trainer to successfully launch an awesome online fitness course.”

If you have a passion for teaching fitness and have sufficient authentic knowledge, then you are good to go!


Online Fitness Business On Skillshare - Diet Zest Article

Guide to Launching and Taking Your Online Fitness Course to the Next Level


To build a solid foundation for your online fitness business, you need to first identify your target customers then market your course with a suitable pitch. The fitness industry is usually divided into four popular markets. As an online fitness trainer, you have four market options.

○ Sports performance

○ Fat loss

○ General health

○ Corrective exercise

You should evaluate these markets thoroughly then choose one that goes well with your interests and likes.


All of the markets mentioned above are quite huge. It is better to select one sub-market so that you can link to your ideal clients better. It will help you cater to a particular group's needs and teach your students in a way that they can easily and effortlessly relate to.

You can choose any of the following sub-markets.

Sports performance

○ Any sport

○ Injury rehab


Fat loss

○ Women

○ Men

○ College students


General health

○ Energy

○ Mood

○ Stress


Corrective exercise

○ Mobility

○ Injuries

○ Pre or postnatal


Now, it is time to narrow down the chosen sub-market more and select a particular niche. There are numerous niches in each sub-market. So, it won’t be hard to find the one that matches your interests the best. If we consider the pre or postnatal sub-market, some of the possible niche options you have, include:

○ Teen & inexperienced moms

○ Older & experienced moms

○ Moms of a single kid

○ Moms of multiple kids

○ C-section moms

○ Moms having diastasis rectus abdominis

You can be creative and combine two niches to create a unique niche like “older moms who had a C-section and have only one kid.” It will help you target an even narrower audience and provide them with online fitness training that specifically caters to their needs.

To understand why you should narrow down the niche, imagine you need heart surgery. Would you go to a general surgeon or a heart specialist? Now you got the point!

Finding an online fitness business niche will also help you market the course in a more efficient way. Your efforts will be more focused and produce better results. You will be able to use the right pitch for a specified group, saving you both time and money.


People have their own unique teaching styles. You should also create your personal teaching style that engages students and keeps them attentive throughout the class. There are many teaching styles that you can use during a session.

If you opt for the instructional teaching method, below are the popular ways of recording an instructional video for your online fitness training as an online fitness trainer.

Recorded class

You can give online fitness training through recorded fitness sessions. For it, you will have to record a video beforehand and publish it on the website to let the students watch. There will be no live interaction between the student and the trainer.

Voice-over instruction

In voice-over instruction, you use a voice-over to train the students during your online fitness training.

Follow-along instruction

It is the form of training in which you give instructions during your online class like you would give during an in-person training session.

If you do not yet know which method you would prefer, try different styles during your online sessions and see which method keeps the students more attentive while conveying the message correctly. You can always get the feedback of your students in this regard.

People who are new to teaching can improve their teaching style by regularly practising in front of the mirror.


The environment and space you use for your online fitness business will directly impact how focused and attentive your students stay during the class. That is why you must carefully select a space that is free of distractions and provides you with enough room to perform different exercises.

Consider the following things while selecting a space for your online fitness training.

○ Is the space large enough to accommodate all the fitness equipment?

○ Will I be able to adjust the equipment and still perform exercises in the chosen space?

○ Does the area look professional and distraction-free (like TV noise, family members crossing the room in the background, etc?)

○ Is the area lit enough to create a suitable ambience and make everything visible to students no matter which time of the day it is?


Fitness equipment is not a must-have item for online fitness training because you can perform a great workout easily without them. However, your students may have some basic equipment like dumbbells, and teaching them how to use them could them a plus point for an online fitness trainer.

Below is the list of the basic fitness equipment that you should consider investing in.

○ Exercise mat

○ Medicine ball

○ Dumbbells

○ Kettlebells

○ Slamball

○ Stability ball

○ Resistance bands

○ Skipping rope

If you already have the equipment, then that’s great! Otherwise, if you need to buy them, choose items that have bright colors and look prominent on the camera. It will maximize visibility and help students track fast movements during online fitness training easily. Black and greyish equipment could easily mix with the background if you have a dark background.


Proper lighting of your workout area is crucial. Dim lighting will make the video look pixelated and boring. It will fail to keep your students fully attentive, and they may also miss some of your moves due to the visibility issue.

You can brighten up the room with either natural or artificial light. It depends on what is available easily. You can use a ring light if the room is not bright enough.

Also, try not to stand in front of the opened windows. It will make you look shadowy on the screen, which may seem you are unprofessional or inexperienced. Instead, cover the windows with decorative and catchy blinds.


Your online fitness business background says a lot about you. Having disturbing noises and family members moving in the background can divert the attention and focus of your students. They will find it hard to hear your words clearly.

If you want to present well as an online fitness trainer, you should choose a setting for your online fitness training that looks uncluttered and professional. You should be alone in the room while recording the video, so that your family members do not disturb you.

Choose a space where you can avoid distracting noises better. Common examples of distracting sounds that you may have to deal with include the noise of a barking dog, traffic, crying baby, loud music, TV, etc.


This essentially means giving your students homework after each online session. Students should have tasks to do in between classes which will enhance the value of the course and make students more committed to completing the course.

It will keep them motivated and push them forward towards the next stage of your online fitness training course. Giving them something to do on their own will also encourage them to discuss fitness with the people around them.

Homework can be as simple as practising a new exercise three times a day or following a nutritional tip. You can also ask your students to write a fitness journal and discuss the content in your online community section. Homework will improve their understanding, retention, and attitude towards the course.

They will be able to better connect with you as their online fitness trainer and ask questions that may arise in their minds while doing homework.

Design your course content in such a way that it benefits the fitness community, and they come back to you to learn more. Run your business by catering to the basic needs of your target audience.

The bottom line

Shifting from offline training to online on Skillshare may not be an easy task, but it has amazing benefits that make it a lucrative and attractive online business idea.

The fitness industry is an ever-growing industry. So, make commitments to running your business successfully and set practical goals to set yourself apart as a dynamic online fitness trainer. Help clients reach their fitness goals, and they won’t stop coming back to you over and over again!

Overcome the setbacks and hindrances to achieve great success.

We hope this guide helps you on your journey to creating and launching your online fitness business!


Join Skillshare today!

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Diet Zest earns a small commission from Skillshare, for every person who signs up for a free trial on Skillshare, after visiting links on our site. This does not add to the cost of the product/service for you, and it provides a small amount of income to help keep Diet Zest going. 🙂


Skillshare Empowers you to Create and Sell Online Courses!

25th July 2021By DZ TeamSelf-Improvement, Skillshare

Skillshare Empowers you to Create and Sell Online Courses!

Looking for a Career Change? Try Teaching Online!

Skillshare is a great platform that empowers people to create and sell online courses. It has 4 million users and counting!

If you’re looking for a career change, and you’re interested in teaching online, then keep reading! In this article, we will explain why it’s the perfect time to create your own unique course to sell online! If you’re looking for a career change, you should try teaching online!

Skillshare is a low barrier to entry (it’s free to upload your course), and it provides you with a built-in marketplace of keen members who are eager to learn new skills!

Why Should You Consider Teaching Online?

The job market hasn’t been stable after the pandemic. In fact, it has been on a downward trend since then. People are losing their jobs, and the trend seems to pick up in the future.

So, you need to realize that if your job is safe right now, it might not be in the future. A lot of those jobs won’t be coming back, even long after the pandemic is over.

Life has changed and will continue to change. The way things are going, we may all be working from home in the future.

Soon, face-to-face meetings and physical lectures would be things of the past. Zoom will probably replace face-to-face meetings and college lectures!

Plus, it’s not like artificial intelligence is going to help the job holders either. While it makes our work easier, automation will also replace many jobs in most sectors.

So, it’s easy to assume that the post-covid era is going to move more towards digitization. Only the people who evolve in these unprecedented times are going to thrive.

By teaching online, you not only will move into an emerging market, but you can also help others in these testing times.

This is your opportunity to provide a valuable service for people and thrive in the post-Covid economy. Teaching online can be an incredibly rewarding career in the coming days.

How Creating An Online Course Can Change Your Life

If you are knowledgeable in any topic and want to make money from it, creating an online course is the best course of action for you.

Even before the pandemic hit, the e-learning sector was booming like never before. Its value was expected to reach $300bn by 2025 according to Global Market Insights.

Moreover, the industry is only going to see better days ahead.

The best thing about online course creation is that you don’t have to work more than once, and the money keeps coming in, on autopilot.

People are learning virtually everything online courtesy of the internet and the readily available material on it. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that online courses are going to be the next big thing in the online money-making industry.

Moreover, the content you create in an online course is a lot more rewarding than any other form of content.

For instance, you can charge a lot more than an eBook.

You don’t have to even show yourself in an online course; all you have to do is create a PowerPoint presentation and record your videos.

Plus, as your online course is present over the web, you can have students from all over the world.

Not only that, there isn’t much cost associated with creating an online course either. The only thing that you’d be investing is your time; most of which will be dedicated to content creation.

Skillshare Empowers you to Create and Sell Online Courses - Diet Zest Image 2


Deciding What Online Course To Teach

Deciding on the right course to teach is important because you want it to be profitable. A course can only make you money when it solves a particular problem for a specific audience.

So, you can create anything your audience wants to learn about. For instance, it could be:

Yoga or fitness

Nutrition or healthy cooking

Home and garden

Life coaching or mentoring

A lot more

Online course websites like Skillshare are seeing good demand in topics like mental health and fitness. However, the better way to go about it would be to teach something you already have a good grip on.

It could also be something that you can quickly figure out. After all, good teachers don’t leave the path of learning.

You could create a course on something that complements your business. For instance, if you are a blogger, you could create a course on different aspects of blogging.

Like “How to drive traffic to your blog posts?” Or, “How to do SEO of your Blog?”.

Plus, if you are a service provider, you can teach people how you do that. This way, they won’t have to hire someone like you.

While deciding on a course topic, make sure it somehow connects to your brand’s voice, values, and goals.

Earning Potential on Skillshare

There is virtually no limit to what you can earn from your Skillshare courses. It does take some time to build a sizeable audience, however.

Instructors that have a good audience size earn upwards of $100,000 a year.

How Do Skillshare Payments Work?

There are essentially two ways to earn passive income from your Skillshare courses:

(1) Get a 7% commission against every subscription you generate through your referral link.

(2) Receive royalties based on the watch time of your course (per minute basis).

So, in addition to increasing your course watch time, you can maximize your revenue by attracting more people to the platform.

How much can you earn by teaching on the platform will majorly depend on your niche. Some topics can generate more revenue than others.

Let’s take a few examples.

(1) Mariya Popandopulo, a photographer made more than $1000 on her first month teaching photography on Skillshare.

(2) Whereas, Ron Mulvey, an art’s teacher made $107 in his first month on the platform.

Now, it all comes down to the number of minutes your students watch. On average, for every minute of watch time, you get $0.05 to $0.1 in revenue.

So, let’s say by the end of your first month, your total watch time is 10K minutes. That would translate to $500 to $1000 in that single month.

Once you have your course up on the platform, your major job is done. So, you sit back, relax, and see the revenue flowing in.

Of course, the more you market your course, the more money you’d attract.

Features and Benefits of Skillshare


The course content on Skillshare falls under one of three categories:

Create: This is all about creative stuff. For instance, creative writing, illustrations, graphics design, web development, and much more.

Build: This one is more about building a business. For instance, freelancing, leadership, entrepreneurship, marketing, and more.

Thrive: Lifestyle and productivity are the main subcategories in this category.

A huge selling point of Skillshare is that the platform has reputable instructors with great followings. Here are a couple of prominent names:

Brad Woodard: A graphic designer with a following of more than 35000.

Tiago Forte: A productivity trainer with a following of more than 28000.

Skillshare – Benefits

Probably the most attractive thing about Skillshare is that you don’t need anything other than your knowledge to get started. You can start teaching for free on Skillshare right now!

Plus, the interface is user-friendly and easy to get accustomed to. So, even if you have no experience with online teaching, you won’t have a problem.

Skillshare also provides the flexibility to design your course with the easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder.

Moreover, as a content creator, you can choose from a wide variety of courses. As Skillshare is a hub of close-knit communities, you get to interact with your students more effectively.

Not only that, but the platform also allows you to give practical assignments to your students, helping them learn more effectively.

Plus, all your students need to access your content is a stable internet connection and a device. This works for the benefit of students as well as teachers.

Thanks to the subscription model, a learner can enroll in any course of their choice on the platform. Plus, you can enroll in as many courses as you want

Skillshare VS Udemy: Probably the number one reason learners might tilt a little bit towards Skillshare is the subscription model.

As a learner on Udemy, you need to pay for every course. Whereas, you pay a monthly subscription fee on Udemy and can learn from a plethora of available courses.

So, Skillshare seems to be a lot more cost-effective option.

Skillshare – Cons

While the platform creates a win-win situation for learners and teachers, there are a few tiny gripes worth mentioning.

For one, Skillshare allows the students to leave comments and timestamps on a video. This can be distracting as you try to focus on a video

Secondly, Skillshare doesn’t let a subscriber keep learning from a course after they discontinue their subscription

So, if at any point, a student stops paying the subscription fee, they won’t be able to access any content on the platform

Tools You Will Need to Get Started

If you decide to host your course on a reputable platform like Skillshare, the number of tools you’d require is pretty low.

A video camera: Ignore this if you don’t want to appear yourself before a camera to demonstrate your concepts.

Even if you do want to film yourself, a good mobile camera can do the job effectively.

A video editor: A video editor like Camtasia is probably the most important tool that you’d need to get your course up and running.

Camtasia is a paid video editor that’s pretty straightforward to use. However, going with a paid video editor isn’t a necessity.

Shotcut is a good free alternative to Camtasia.

Graphics Tool: You’ll also be needing a graphics tool for your course workbooks. Canva is a free and incredible graphics software that can cater to all your graphics needs.

For branding, you’ll have to invest in the paid version of Canva.

Skillshare Support for Course Creators

As an instructor, you can always contact customer support. Skillshare has a help center with an extensive FAQ section. So, they’ll first redirect you to that.

You don’t have the option to directly call or chat live with a representative. When the FAQ section doesn’t have what you need, you can submit a ticket to get help on any related matter.

Skillshare Empowers you to Create and Sell Online Courses - Diet Zest Image 1

How to Create An Online Course for Skillshare

Diet Zest is passionate about empowering the community and helping people to teach and learn skills. Our mission is to support you in any way possible.

We’re going to show you how easy it is to create your online course on Skillshare! Learn the steps and tools that will help you create a successful online course business. Your profitable online business starts today!

Doing the Groundwork For Your Course

How to Get started – Checklist

Create a Skillshare account for free

Come up with your profitable course idea

Start creating your online course/ Create a class draft

Work at your own speed to publish your class whenever you are ready

Promote your course launch!

What are the aims and objectives of your course?

Before jumping into content creation, ask yourself:

What’s the goal of your course?

What change can your students expect after taking your course?

How to Make Your Course Stand Out?

Ask yourself:

What will be your course’s content?

Can you offer extra material to your students?

Are there similar courses on the platform? If so, are there any topics you can cover better?

How can you add extra value to your course content?

Think of any other ways to make your course stand out from the others. Why would your prospects prefer to watch your course over your competitors’?


Consider incorporating the following into your classes:

Expert Interviews

Bonus content

A question-and-answer list from every class


If you don’t do any of the above, you can package your course in a unique way and help your students understand the topics better.

Content Quality and Depth

While creating your course, be mindful of a few things:

(1) Your students don’t know anything about the subject you are teaching them. So, try not to assume anything and start the topic from scratch.

(2) Your content should be easy to consume; so break it into small parts.

(3) Also, remember that you won’t be putting in the effort again for years to come. So, as you’d be reaping the benefit of your content for a long time, give your best.

Drafting Your Course Outline

While creating your course, make sure you have a content plan in place. This can help you deliver organized and professional content. You can get detailed tips from Skillshare Teacher Manual if you need actionable tips.

The average duration of a Skillshare class is somewhere between 20 to 60 minutes, with 2 – 5 minutes sections within. Try to keep your classes between 20 and 35 minutes for maximum student retention.

You’d also want to decide on your method of teaching. You can’t simply sit in front of the camera; you won’t be able to retain your students’ attention that way.


Use screencasts, PowerPoint slides, and demonstrations to appeal to the watching eyes.

For best results, write a script in small parts so that you can change the visuals about every 30 seconds.

Make sure to check out Skillshare Teacher Manual for any additional tips.

Filming and Editing Your Course

Filming Your Class

Getting in front of the camera can be daunting for some. That’s perfectly normal. What you can do is, get in front of a mirror and talk like you would talk with your students. This will help you prepare yourself for the recording.

Record your video in a well-lit spot with minimal visual distractions. Of course, the place shouldn’t be messy.

You can film yourself with your phone’s camera. Just make sure it’s not lower than 720p.

Keeping the camera at an appropriate level is important. While you can also use a stack of books, a tripod will be ideal if you can invest $10 to $20.

If you want to use your laptop for recording, iMovie and Movie Creator on Mac and PC, respectively can help you out.


You don’t want to record your video only to find out that it is too dark to publish, right? For best results, do your recording in the daytime.

For stream classes, a lightbox might be a good option. You can get a lightbox for around $40 on Amazon.

Another option would be a Softbox lighting studio kit that consists of lightboxes, a lamp, and tripods. You can set them all and establish your own professional studio.

Plus, keep your background noise-free. A plain background without any wallpaper would be ideal.


You don’t want any background noise in your videos. So, before recording your video, ensure complete isolation from the outside world.

You’d need a good mic to record your audios, but it doesn’t need to be expensive. You can get one for around $50 - $100. Some mics come with Bluetooth, so you don’t have to plug them into your device.

It’s okay to make mistakes. If you go for perfection, you won’t be as effective. Just trim out the unnecessary parts after you are finished with a video.

Don’t use background music. It can be distracting for some students. Plus, you might get into trouble for copyright infringement.

Your course equipment shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. As someone who’s just starting out, you don’t need to spend much.

*Eliminate Distractions*

Make sure nobody enters your room/office while you are creating your video.

If you don’t have a suitable place, ask a friend if you can use theirs.

Go through your content and make sure there are no mistakes before recording:

Use your own voice in the demonstration/screencast videos.

You can use this guide from Skillshare on filming.


*Editing Your Video*

If you don’t have any prior experience of editing a video, don’t worry. It’s not rocket science; you’d be able to do it with some practice.

You can use free editors like iMovie or Quicktime. Third-party software like Camtasia and OpenShot is also a couple of good alternatives.

After importing your footage into the software, cut out any unnecessary parts like pauses, ums, and stutters to make your video flow well.

You don’t have to edit your video in one go. It can be a time-consuming process, so divide it into multiple parts.

Here is a detailed guide on video editing by Skillshare.


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Publishing and Marketing Your Course

Congrats! The tough part is over. The next step would be to upload your course videos by clicking on the “Create a class” button.

Skillshare allows you to upload multiple videos at a time. You’d need to upload every section of a video separately.

You can also upload a thumbnail of your video. A thumbnail should be easy to read and attention-grabbing.

Canva is an effective free tool that you can use to create appealing thumbnails. The pixel dimension of a cover image/thumbnail for a Skillshare class is 1280 x 720.

Marketing Your Class

You can create the best content around the most in-demand topic out there, but what good it would be if no one watches it?

Make sure to create a description or a video and market your course to relevant audiences. Your personal social media profiles would be a great starting point. Don’t forget to encourage your audience to share your course.

Additional Ways To Market Your Skillshare Course

Create a website or landing page presenting your course in every aspect

Write blog posts around your course content, helping them understand the value of your course

List your online course in directories like

Use email marketing to promote your course

Write guest posts on other blogs and try to attract their audience

Attend conferences and network with potential students

Skillshare also lets instructors make some money by promoting their platform. All you’d have to do is make more people sign up for your course on the platform. For every subscription, you get a $7 commission in your account

Ask for help: Getting the word out can be time-consuming; you can speed up the process by asking for word-of-mouth referrals. It’s probably the cheapest and most effective form of marketing

You can also work with social media influencers to recommend your course to their audience. Make sure their audience is related to your topic and you build a relationship with them first

Check out some effective marketing tips for your class from Skillshare here.

Interacting With Students

Provide the best content and service to your students so that your students recommend your course to their peers. This way, you’d be able to attract existing students to your future courses as well

Be polite and professional with your students. Be available and responsive

Don’t ignore complaints and negative feedback. They can help you improve your course. Honest feedback is an asset to your online business

Keep refining your course content until you feel there is no room for improvement. This is an impactful way of standing out from the crowd

Monetization – Making Money On Skillshare

This is the part you’ve been doing all that effort for. Skillshare pays you for every minute someone watches your course content. It adds $7 to your account for every student you bring to the platform

Top teachers on the platform are making thousands of bucks every month. Use this fact to stay motivated and create multiple courses


Irrespective of why you want to change your career path or pivot it into a new direction, it can be pretty exciting and rewarding.

Even if you have some active years ahead of you, it’s never too late to embrace a more rewarding career path.

You can transfer your existing skills and knowledge to others by teaching online with platforms like Skillshare. Or you can always take a step back and learn some new exciting skills before teaching them to your students.

However, you do need to take action to be successful. Nobody can make you successful except you. If you are looking for a career change, you can create classes on Skillshare right now and make passive income from them.

We wish you the best of luck with your exciting journey with Skillshare!

Additionally, check out our dedicated Skillshare page.


Diet Zest earns a small commission from Skillshare, for every person who signs up for a free trial on Skillshare, after visiting links on our site. This does not add to the cost of the product/service for you, and it provides a small amount of income to help keep Diet Zest going. 🙂


Yoga For Beginners – How To Create Your Online Course

25th June 2021By DZ TeamSelf-Improvement, Skillshare

Yoga For Beginners - How To Create Your Online Course

Change Career Path - Teaching Yoga For Beginners Online

“How to kickstart online yoga for beginners”, is your go-to guide if you want to learn how to create and launch a successful online yoga course! Discover Skillshare and learn the steps and tools that you’ll need to create your online yoga business.

Did you know that yoga classes are one of the most popular type of online course topics right now? It is growing exponentially! More and more people are taking up yoga practice every day!

Online yoga also provides the perfect workout. It’s a great way to improve mental health, sleep, and support overall health. This is more important than ever, given the COVID-19 pandemic!

Who Is This Article Aimed At?

Maybe you’re already a yoga teacher and you were laid off during the pandemic? You still need to make a living and pay your bills, right?! You’re not alone, many yoga teachers were laid off from their regular teaching jobs.

Or maybe you’re not a qualified yoga teacher, but you’re just passionate about yoga? No worries, you don’t have to be a certified yoga teacher to teach on Skillshare!

The COVID-19 pandemic has made teaching yoga online a necessity and it is inspiring countless people to create their own unique yoga courses.
We’re going to show you how you can kickstart your online yoga course, and also invest in yourself, not only to survive the pandemic but to thrive beyond it! Take the plunge and get your yoga class online, so that you can start sharing it with people from all around the world!

This is the perfect time to build your online yoga business and grow a loyal online student community. Having an online yoga course will give you access to a whole new audience.

There is no doubt about it, the shift to online yoga teaching is here to stay! This has also provided a sustainable and scalable option for people.

Why Is It Important to Teach Yoga Online?

COVID-19 has significantly changed the landscape of the yoga industry. The pandemic caused all the places where in-person yoga training took place to close, on a global scale.

As a result, many yoga teachers made an instantaneous move to teaching yoga online through online classes and live sessions.

The pandemic has put a lot of pressure on the mental and physical health of people. It's times like these when people become more susceptible to mental and physical issues. Seeing the changing circumstances, the yoga community embraced the digital transformation to help people maintain their health through online yoga for beginners classes.

The increasing demand for online classes of yoga also created various new opportunities for the yoga market, which made it reach a wide base. People who previously had no interest in yoga also started searching for “yoga for beginners.”

Many people have been practising yoga at home for years, but this trend surged during the pandemic the most. The good thing is this trend is here to stay!

A 2016 study, revealed that around 65% of yoga practitioners in America now prefer to practice yoga at home. Seeing the circumstances, the chances are that these numbers have increased a lot today.

Lockdown and social distancing practices caused millions of people to lose their jobs. The increase in the use of artificial intelligence has also put many jobs at risk. Many people who never thought about teaching yoga before now see many career opportunities in this industry, which is inspiring them to change career path.

By creating your yoga course like “Yoga for Beginners,” you can reach potential students globally, without even renting a place to teach yoga! You can earn a lot of money through a single course for years!

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What are the Benefits of Teaching Yoga Online?

○ The yoga industry is considered one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, and its market worth has now reached $80 billion. There are more than 300 million people in the world who practice yoga. It indicates how vast the market is and how many amazing career opportunities you have, even if you are a beginner and want to change career path.

○ Teaching yoga online makes you professionally free. With online classes, there is no need to rent a studio, open/close it at a specific time, market your studio training in the surrounding area, and charge a specific fee to only a limited number of people.

○ You can generate a passive income stream by selling the same yoga course for years.

○ Today more than 2 billion people shop online. Seeing this trend, you can direct your students of online classes to your yoga-related products.

○ Online courses allow you to reach your global audience and teach from anywhere. It provides you with unlimited teaching options.

○ You can have a more flexible teaching schedule as there is no time restriction. For instance, if you are teaching “Yoga for Beginners,” you can record a class whenever you have time and upload it on the site according to the schedule.

○ For online courses like “Yoga for Beginners,” you need to invest less time and money compared to when you teach the same course physically in a studio. You can utilize the saved money and time in creating more passive income streams.

Choosing a Niche

The yoga niche itself is so wide and includes many micro-niches. Each micro-niche has its own advantages. You can choose a micro-niche that suits your style and preferences the best.

You can choose to teach mindfulness, pre and post-natal yoga, yoga for athletes, and the list goes on. The earning through each niche depends on several factors. However, you can expect somewhere around $4,200 and more per month. There is no limit on earning through online yoga for beginners!

How Practising Yoga can Help with the Physical And Mental Health

Yoga is a powerful practice that not only helps with physical health but also boosts mental health. You feel better mentally and physically; as a result, you gain confidence. You can practice yoga to gain the following benefits.

Improve the Quality of Lives

Yoga makes you release stress and negative energy, which eventually increases your productivity. It improves your overall health, and you start enjoying life more. You learn to ditch laziness, dullness, and inactiveness.

All in all, yoga holds the potential of improving the quality of life.

Help People Accomplish Their Goals

By practising yoga, people start becoming more productive, aware, and active. They gain their lost energy gradually and become motivated to achieve goals in their lives.

Spread Love & Positivity

Yoga helps you to get rid of negative energy. As a result, you start seeing positivity around you. When you have a positive mind, you become more cheerful and spread the love that today’s world needs the most.

May Reduce Chronic Pain

Chronic pain occurs due to an injury or a disease. Millions of people worldwide suffer from this issue. It reduces the activity level and productivity of the sufferer. Yoga could be a natural solution to this issue. Several studies indicate the positive effect of practising yoga on chronic as well as acute pain.

Improve Digestion

In humans, there is a link between intestinal function and the central nervous system. This linkage is called the gut-brain axis (GBA).

By performing yoga regularly, you can help your body manage the gut-brain axis well, which will help with digestion as well. Yoga also helps with bowel movement and blood circulation in the digestive system.

Encourage Quality Sleep

Depression, anxiety, and being overweight are some of the things that negatively affect the quality of sleep. Yoga allows you to get rid of these major sleep affecting factors, which eventually encourages sleep quality.

Do You Need to be an Expert to Become an Online Yoga Teacher?

What is an expert?

If you ask people this question, you will certainly get a whole lot of different answers. However, according to the dictionary, an expert is someone who “has knowledge or experience of a particular area.” The main words here are “knowledge” and “experience.”

So, basically, these are two elementary things you need to become an online yoga teacher. You have learnt yoga and have also experienced it as a student or even a teacher. Then you can be one of the many knowledgeable teachers out there!

You do not have to be the world’s number one teacher to believe you can teach yoga for beginners. Just don’t let your fears hold you back from taking the right step!

Even if you are planning to change career path and want to kickstart online yoga for beginners, then give yourself some time to learn and then take the chance.

You have to think beyond such questions and self-doubts.

You should be a few steps ahead of your student’s knowledge and experience in order to start teaching them yoga through online classes. If you are ahead of your students by only a “few steps”, then you can understand them better. You can teach and share skills from your personal experience and knowledge.

So, leave the wrong perception of being an expert behind and take the plunge. Say yes to the opportunities the yoga industry is throwing at you and take full advantage of them. Share the knowledge you have with the world.

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How to Make Your Course One of a Kind?

Whilst gaining your knowledge and experience, you will have learned numerous subjects like yoga philosophies, basic Sanskrit, human anatomy, human physiology and much more! So, explore yourself and ask which subject excites you and make you able to teach it passionately to others.

Finding a particular niche will help you have a clear mind and define your goals better. Students with an interest in the same field will like learning from someone who can teach them a particular subject in depth.

A yoga niche can belong to different categories like yoga style, yoga interests, etc. It can be:

○ A specific location/area: Gender, age group

○ Yoga style: Lyengar yoga, Mysore yoga, Bikram yoga, Hatha yoga, Yin yoga, Kundalini yoga

○ Yoga hybrids: Yoga and surfing, yoga for you and your dog, yoga and dance, yoga and cycling

○ Yoga interest: Mindfulness, chanting

○ Place: Rooftop, garden, sandy beach, flowing stream, on a bed of pebbles

○ Yoga therapy: Yoga for headache, yoga for back pain, yoga for anxiety and depression, yoga for restoring energy

○ Specific group of people: Yoga for fitness enthusiasts, yoga for bodybuilders, yoga for drug addicts, yoga for students, yoga for employees

Stand Out From The Crowd Checklist

You need to identify your niche so that you can differentiate yourself from your competitors. Then do what makes you stand out from the rest of the yoga teachers. For this, check the list below.

○ How different is your method of teaching?

○ How do you attract students and keep them focused during teaching?

○ Is your focus on creating a healthy community and a healthy world?

○ Do you try the latest techniques of yoga?

○ Do you keep yourself updated?

○ Do you experiment with different types of yoga, combinations, and postures?

Think about these questions and find honest answers. Doing it will help you start an amazing online yoga for beginners and conduct online classes that are one of a kind.

As more and more benefits of yoga are being revealed, many people are getting interested in it. Grab this opportunity and create a unique style, that is authentic and interesting for students of online classes.

If you are deciding to change career path, then now is the right time! Set specific goals and target a particular group to make your name in this field.

What is the Importance of Selecting a Particular Yoga Niche?

Connect with a Particular Group

There are millions of people interested in yoga. They have diverse interests and goals. It can be difficult to target all of them compared to targeting only a specific group that shares the same interests.

Therefore, try to choose a particular niche. Then look for the people who are interested only in it. They will have the same yoga-related goals and will be on the same path. It will be easier for you to help people with the same goals achieve their particular goals.

The yoga industry is full of yoga teachers who teach only basic yoga for beginners through their online classes. Specialized yoga teachers are few, which gives you an edge over the common yoga teachers who teach general stuff.

Market Your Online Classes Easily

Narrowing down your niche for yoga for beginners will help you market your online classes quite easily. You will have a clear mind which will help you stay on track and identify your district objectives.

With clear objectives in mind, you will be able to create an effective marketing strategy that appeals only to your particular audience. All in all, it will allow you to save both time and money. You can use the saved asset for expanding your course or creating more similar courses.

Stand Out From Others

Getting knowledge and skills of a broad field is easier compared to getting expertise in a narrowed niche. This is mainly because you have to learn deeply if you want to narrow down your niche. Most people opt for the easier path and learn basic yoga.

Therefore, if you narrow down your niche, you make yourself stand out among others. You have unique goals that resonate well with the goals of your unique audience. It will also enhance your integrity in the market and attract more students to your online classes.

Learn Your Niche More Deeply

Selecting a particular niche allows you to get in-depth knowledge of your field. You start gaining expertise over time. You have a focused mind and a dedicated roadmap. This helps you get specialized knowledge that not everyone will have!

It eventually makes you more confident in your skills. Your self-confidence attracts more students, and your yoga for beginners reaches more students worldwide.

If you are planning to change career path, then you have time to learn a niche deeply and start your new career in this ever-growing industry.

Become More Satisfied And Content

Teaching a niche of yoga that excites you is one way to gaining happiness in your career and life. You build your own style and methodology. Then you put your heart into teaching yoga for beginners. Your students recognize your passion and eventually become your fans. You will become more grateful and happy about teaching yoga in online classes.

Before selecting a niche, it is best to first do some research. Research how many people are teaching it. This will give you an idea of the scope of your niche. Don’t let your doubts stop you from making the right decision. Don’t try to work for everyone because you will end up working for no one.

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Setting Up The Best Yoga Studio At Home

Keep in mind these tips for setting up the best yoga studio at home for your online classes.

○ Try to film yourself around a regular domestic life to create a calmer environment. You can choose a background that is neutral. You can also place some yoga-related accessories if that is feasible and affordable for you.

○ Light up your background to catch and maintain the attention of students. For this purpose, you can try placing table lamps, candles, and fairy lights in the background.

○ Turn the front camera on to improve your filming, and make sure you are recording the right view for your online classes.

○ Before recording yoga for beginners, try rehearsing in front of the mirror and improve yourself where you find yourself lacking. Remember, practice makes perfect!

Identify Your Preferred Teaching Style

There are different teaching styles that you can use for yoga for beginners. Ask yourself which method you prefer or are proficient in.

There are three common teaching methods of online instructional videos.

○ Recorded online classes: Record a video when you have time, then upload it on the website.

○ Live classes: Give instructions and teach during live online classes.

○ Voice over lessons: Give instructions through your audio.

Test different teaching styles and get the feedback of your students to select the style that both teacher and students alike.

Tips For Delivering Your Online Classes The Right Way

Keep Calm

Try to understand the mental and concept level of your students, then start with a slow pace when you are teaching new concepts so that they can grasp new topics with more clarity.

Give Instructions in an Order

Yoga for beginners may seem choppy when taught through online classes. To prevent it, try to maintain a logical sequence in your instructions. You could start with sitting on the mat, then standing up and teaching gradually.

Easy And Simple Transitions

Keep transitions easy so that students do not feel burdened.

Repeat When Necessary

New or difficult concepts can be hard to grasp. So, repeat yourself to keep the flow and make concepts easier.

Find Your Yoga Voice

To catch and maintain the attention of your students, it is important to use a calm, cheerful, encouraging, and sing-song like yoga voice. Practice and find your own yoga voice.

How to Connect with the Students and Answer Their Questions

Give Exceptional Learning Experience

Provide your students with an exceptional learning experience. It will keep them motivated, and you will get better results. They will also promote your course among their friends and family by sharing their experiences.

Maintain Professionalism

Stay professional and polite to maintain a motivated environment and inspire your students.

Address Issues on Time

Issues will occur, so be ready to listen to the complaints. Try to resolve the issues as soon as possible so that students feel supported.

Keep Your Students Engaged

One of the most important things to make your yoga course successful is interacting with the students and learning their course-related needs better. You can have Q&A sessions or even get feedback about how to improve online classes or what more content to add to the course, etc.

Keep Yourself Updated, Keep Growing

Never stop learning, as knowledge is the path to success. The world is constantly evolving, so keep yourself updated regarding yoga teaching. If possible, try to attend yoga conferences and events so that you can interact with other people in this field, and learn new things.

If you want to change career path to yoga teaching, then the more you interact with people in this field, the faster you will learn!

You can also join live webinars or online classes if you cannot travel. There are many online sources that teach online yoga training. This will help you learn the changes occurring in the yoga industry, and the latest trends.

In addition to this, you can share the latest developments in the yoga industry with your students and gain trust more.

The Bottom Line

Due to the digitalization of the world, it is now easier for people to have online access to yoga for beginners.

The yoga industry has survived the pandemic and emerged stronger! It has even created many new trends. These trends will keep growing even after the pandemic.

Want to start online yoga for beginners to make your name in this ever-growing industry?

Then follow all the tips, tricks and methods described above and take your online yoga course to the next level.

Check out our in-depth guide: "How to Create an Online Course for Skillshare."


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Automation and AI – Job Losses and Job Change

28th May 2021By DZ TeamSelf-Improvement, Skillshare

Automation and AI - Job Losses and Job Change

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Employment

Automation, AI, and technology are evolving at an exponential rate. Over the years we have seen immense growth in all technological domains, such as internet use and advancements in artificial intelligence.

Unfortunately, people are not aware of the rapid changes occurring around them and the potential threat to their employment.

Moore’s law (an observation and projection of a historical trend) is instrumental in giving perspective as to how fast technology is changing. It states that the number of transistors in a dense microchip doubles every two years. An increased number of transistors, therefore, equates to greater processing power.

For example, 90% of all data was accumulated in just the past few years. There are 1.6 billion websites as of now and 1.35 million tech startups.

What a sobering indication of how much technology has advanced, (while we’re been busy performing redundant tasks at work!)

The Future Is Uncertain

Who could have guessed that a global pandemic would arrive with the speed and disruption of a tornado? Our normality has been permanently disturbed. As a result, millions of on-site businesses had to close, which forced employees to work remotely.

The unexpected change has not been easy. Very few individuals or businesses were prepared for such a drastic change in the way we work.

Covid-19 has been responsible for civil unrest and massive job change.

We now have a new concern: Automated Robots.

Artificial intelligence (at this somewhat early stage), has been making our lives easier. No longer in the realm of science fiction, AI is a rapidly growing technology. It has a visible presence automating basic tasks and improving our quality of life. AI can be found in the most basic of items such as our mobile phones, which we use daily.

It is an unavoidable truth that drastic job change is on its way. Technology-driven societal changes, however, always comes with fear and misunderstandings. A two-year study from the McKinsey Global Institute indicates that by 2030, artificial intelligence machines and robots could displace about 30 percent of the world’s existing human workforce.

McKinsey states that, depending on certain variables, automation can possibly replace between 400 million and 800 million jobs by 2030. In addition, this shift will cause nearly 375 million people to switch their job categories completely.

How can such drastic job change not cause panic, concern, and fear amongst the world’s vulnerable countries? Unfortunately, we are all vulnerable to job displacement. So we need to educate ourselves and keep abreast of emerging trends and situations.

Why AI?

In short, machines, in comparison to humans, make far fewer errors and require zero days off. Large corporations are able to invest in such machines. It allows routine tasks to be effortlessly carried out, with minimal effort and minimal error. So it's easy to see how this will make certain jobs redundant.


Automation and AI - Job Losses and Job Change - Diet Zest Image 1

Types of AI, Robotics, and Automation: Present and Future

Reactive Machines

Reactive machines are one of the oldest forms of AI machines, and their capabilities are really limited. The machines are unable to use memory or past experiences to make decisions. Additionally, they are unable to improve their operations and can only react and take decisions based on existing situations. Reactive machines do not have the ability to learn. They're really only good at responding to a clearly defined set of commands.
IBM’s Deep Blue is an example of a reactive machine that was used to defeat chess Grandmaster Garry Kasparov in 1997.

Limited Memory

Limited memory machines have the properties of reactive machines. They also have the ability to learn and infer from historical data to make the most optimal decisions. They make decisions based on preprogrammed data paired with learning from new data.

Fruit Image recognition can be used as an example. Thousands of images of fruits are fed into a model, and the model automatically learns patterns. Thus, enabling it to determine which image is of which fruit. In the end, it builds up a reference model, so it is able to correctly categorizes unseen images of fruits. All AI applications are driven by limited memory.

Theory of Mind

Theory of Mind concept introduces the ability of machines to mimic human-like decision-making. Of course, machines are far from matching the complexity of a human brain. However, researchers want to achieve human standards. There are some applications where machines mimic human behavior, such as virtual voice assistants.

Although a highly advanced form of artificial intelligence, it is far from mature. A fully developed machine would need to rapidly understand, identify, and retain emotional outputs. It can do this, while also knowing the most optimal response to them. Moreover, because human behavior is fluid, machines would need to adapt at a moment’s notice.


This type of artificial intelligence only exists hypothetically. On a theoretical level, these machines would exhibit human-level consciousness. They can easily be considered the most advanced form of artificial intelligence.
The properties of such a machine would include having its own beliefs, emotions, needs, and desires. A machine possessing this level of self-awareness would be well-placed to rapidly boost our progress as a civilization. However, it also has the propensity to initiate and perpetuate utter chaos.

Industries That Will Be Most Affected By Automated Robots


Automated robots excel at repetitive and tedious tasks. Forward-thinking organizations and industries are investing in automated robots that accelerate routine logistical processes. An excellent example being Amazon, a company that uses more than 30,000 robots to fulfil customer orders. The logistics sector is also using drones to expedite the dispatch of goods, posing yet another threat to workers.


Manufacturing is a prime example of a sector using AI to accelerate the assembly of packages to be sent for shipping. Complex machines can assemble intricate components with minimal error. They do not need to be turned off, allowing a higher throughput for companies.

McKinsey Global found in the production sector that 87% percent of the time spent on routine activities of workers is automatable. It's the highest of any manufacturing occupation.


With the world population expected to reach 8.5 billion by 2030, sustainability of resources is becoming a difficult challenge. Advancements in artificial intelligence within agriculture can address the majority of these challenges. The nature of agricultural work embodies repetitive tasks and is thus a prime area susceptible to modification by robots.  Examples of future advancements of AI in agriculture include: automated cow milking, automated harvesting, driverless tractors, and aerial drones.


The transportation industry is already being enveloped by autonomous vehicles. In the future, we can expect all public and private transportation to be fully automated. Autonomous software instead of drivers can replace buses, trains and aeroplanes.


Medical and pharmaceutical companies are using AI robots for various medical procedures. These procedures include delivering anaesthesia, performing surgery, diagnosing disease, and inferring analysis on test reports. Humans have a comparatively higher margin of error than machines.

Automation and AI - Job Losses and Job Change - Diet Zest Image 2

AI, Robotics, And Automation: A Current Threat To People’s Jobs

Reactive machines and limited memory AI robots are currently a threat to people’s jobs. Unlike humans, these machines can carry out repetitive and tedious tasks with zero error, and zero downtime. AI robots can replace any job which has repetitive tasks. So, a career move, chosen or otherwise, is inevitable!

AI, Robotics, And Automation: A Future Threat To People’s Jobs

Although the theory of mind and self-aware AI machines are impractical now, they can be made capable of replacing any type of job in the future. As the machines will be equal to, or even better than humans, all jobs will probably be automated. Additionally, it is highly likely that humans will be disregarded within the employment arena.

You can use this checklist to assess whether your job will be made redundant because of AI, robotics, and automation:

  • Your tasks are repetitive
  • Your tasks are easy to replicate
  • Your job involves predictable activities
  • Your tasks can be easily automated

Changes That Are Taking Place In Education and Learning 

Education is no longer about physically going to schools to read books. Books have been replaced by iPads, video presentations, video lectures, podcasts, and e-books. Likewise, teaching dynamics have changed with advancements in technology. Years ago, teachers were considered the sole source of knowledge. Nowadays, so much information is readily available online. We have the latest learning techniques and a wide range of tools allowing increased opportunity for adaptability. In addition, education is becoming interactive with Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies. It allows for a more immersive experience and students only need a mobile device and internet connection to learn.

Final Thoughts

If you think that your job is safe from the threat of automation, then you are highly mistaken.
We recommend keeping tabs on all the latest updates about job change, career move, and artificial intelligence.

There are two types of AI which are a current threat and two types that present a danger in the future. In preparation, becoming highly skilled is important to reduce the risk of a machine matching your expertise. An unskilled employee with a repetitive job is vulnerable to having their tasks automated.

Are you experiencing uncertainty about your next career move? If so, keeping up to date with the latest advancements in technology will be highly advantageous.

Additionally, in this post-covid era, it’s easy to assume that you have all the time in the world, and you won’t be affected for now. However, as the world is increasingly moving more towards digitization, this couldn’t be further from the truth! Only forward-thinking people, who are open to evolving in these unprecedented times will thrive.

One way to circumvent the inevitable job apocalypse scenario would be to start teaching online. By moving into this emerging market, you will not only be creating a brighter future for yourself and your family, but you can also help others during these testing times.

If you want to give yourself a fighting chance and want to make a career move, then check out our dedicated “How-To” articles about teaching online. We show you how to create classes on Skillshare and make passive income from them.

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