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Shiatsu – What is it?

Shiatsu is a Japanese massage that has gained popularity in the western world due to its numerous beneficial effects. The word shiatsu consists of two words – ‘shi’ means ‘finger’ and ‘atsu’ means ‘pressure.’ However, it is more than just finger pressure.

During a shiatsu massage, many other techniques like kneading and stretching are also used to relax muscles and improve motion range.

What are the benefits?

The following are the common benefits:

Boost your circulation

People experiencing poor whole body circulation usually see improvement in their body blood circulation, and food movement in the digestive system. Constipation patients generally take laxatives to restore bowel movement. Though these laxatives are effective, they also have minor side effects. In contrast, a shiatsu session may be one of the best ways of reducing constipation naturally.

In a 2019 study released in the European Journal of Integrative Medicine, researchers found that shiatsu massage has several advantages, including improved bowel movement and body relaxation.

Improve sleep quality

Poor sleep quality has become a major issue around the world. More than 16 million adults in the UK have different sleep-related issues. These issues can reduce productivity and lead to serious health problems.

Studies show that this massage can help people manage insomnia and similar concerns. In a recent study, researchers noticed that athletes suffering from concussions noticed an improvement in their sleep quality after a self-administered hand shiatsu massage.

Encourage physical and mental calmness

This massage is also linked to the reduction in mental and physical stress. When you stay stressed for a prolonged period, it may lead to anxiety. It means shiatsu can be effective for anxiety, as well.

In a small research, burn patients were given a shiatsu massage for a particular time period. Their anxiety score was determined before and after the massage. Researchers found that the massage significantly reduced anxiety in burn patients.

If you are suffering from continuous stress, you should try a shiatsu massage session and see its effects yourself.

May ease pain caused by arthritis

Shiatsu can encourage the flow of energy and ease pain in arthritis patients. Having one massage session per week has been found effective in diminishing arthritis pain and inflammation.

What to expect from a session?

When you visit shiatsu practitioners, they will ask you about your health and concerns. Since there are different techniques used during this full-body massage, the practitioner will determine which technique is suitable for you on the basis of your health problem.

Practitioners will use hands, fingers, thumbs, elbows, and knees to stretch and massage your muscles. A complete session may last from 60 to 90 minutes. You may feel muscle soreness for 24 to 48 hours after a massage. It will go away on its own. Talk to your practitioner if it persists.

Summing it up

There are several benefits, including an increase in blood circulation, improvement in bowel movement, and reduction in arthritis pain. Contact a qualified and skilled shiatsu therapist to enjoy all the possible benefits.


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