Remedial Therapies

21st August 2022By DZ TeamHolistic Health

Remedial Therapies

Remedial Therapies – What is this?

Remedial therapies ease body pain, soreness, inflammation, and physical limitations to help the body heal fast and function normally. These therapies treat damaged body parts and stimulate the healing process to repair the body naturally from the inside.

A remedial therapy practitioner uses various techniques to achieve desired health results. Some of these techniques include:

Chinese massage



Colonic therapy

Corrective exercise therapy




What are the benefits of remedial therapies?

Promote blood flow

Remedial therapies stimulate the circulatory system, which in turn increases blood flow. Increased blood circulation stimulates the natural healing process, and repairs damaged tissues fast.

Improve immunity

Regular remedial therapies reduce the production of stress hormones and promote relaxation. These changes are linked to stronger immunity. What’s more, a remedial therapy practitioner can help you detoxify your body by improving lymphatic system drainage.

Improve joint movement

When you perform a task repetitively or sit in the same posture throughout the day, your muscles and joints can feel tight and rigid. A simple remedial massage can restore blood circulation to muscles and loosen your muscle fiber, making joints more mobile.

Relieve muscle aches and stiffness

Headaches, shoulder pain, and backaches are common pains that sometimes just reappear and do not go away easily. Remedial therapies effectively relieve these pains and reduce their chances of recurrence. These therapies find the root cause of muscle pain and get rid of it so that the pain does not appear again.

Solve posture problems

Different factors such as lack of exercise and excessive use of the computer can contribute to posture problems. If you do not improve your posture, you may experience lumbar issues and balance problems in the near future. Releasing tension from your neck, shoulder, and lower back muscles with remedial therapies can help you improve your overall posture.

Improve the quality of sleep

Sleeping 7 to 9 hours a day is crucial for a healthy mind and body. However, many lifestyle factors can affect your sleep quality negatively.

If you are unable to fall asleep at night, remedial therapies may help you resolve this issue. These therapies release muscle tension, reduce the production of stress hormones and calm your body in different ways. All these things can collectively make you sleep better at night.

What should I expect from a remedial therapy session?

When you go for a remedial therapy session, the practitioner first assesses your posture and muscle movement. They may test your range of motion and joints to create a treatment plan for your individual needs.

During the session, your remedial therapy practitioner will perform different techniques on your area of complaint. Your symptoms will be either gone or reduced by the end of the session. The practitioner may recommend a few exercises for long-term results. The duration of a remedial therapy session may last from 30 to 60 minutes.


Remedial therapies are suitable for all ages and can be effective for both acute and chronic health issues. Getting remedial therapies regularly can reduce your current symptoms and prevent certain health problems. Reach out to experienced and skilled remedial therapy practitioners to find whether it is suitable for you or not.



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