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Reflexology – What is it?

Reflexology, also called zone therapy, is a kind of therapy in which pressure is applied to certain pressure points present on feet, hands, and ears to ease stress and make your body feel relaxed. This healing art is thousands of years old. People still use it today, to enjoy numerous benefits.

Reflexology benefits

It is known to help with stress and aches, but its benefits go deeper if you are suffering from certain health conditions. Popular benefits are:

Relieves different types of aches

During a reflexology session, a reflexologist uses different hands and fingers techniques to apply pressure. This removes tension from muscles, which helps relieve headaches, neck pain, and backache.

According to aΒ study, 220 patients with migraine and other headache-related issues were given reflexology therapy for a certain time period. By the end of the research, 81% of patients noticed a reduction in their headache problems.

Stimulates nerve endings

As we age, nerve endings distributed throughout our bodies become less reactive. However, a single session can improve the function of thousands of nerve endings by making them more sensitive to stimuli.

Helps cope with stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety have become prevalent mental issues in the world. They can disturb your life in several ways and reduce overall productivity.

Massaging your feet for a few minutes every day can help you alleviate stress and feel more relaxed. It stimulates certain reflex points, which may increase the production of happy hormones, improving the mood and reducing anxiety symptoms.

Improves blood flow

One of the major reflexology benefits is its ability to increase blood circulation. It means nutrients and oxygen are supplied to different body parts more effectively. It also improves the rate of metabolism and speeds up the wound healing process.

Soothes tired feet

If you want to soothe your tired, aching feet and prevent foot problems, you should try this therapy. It can reduce the stiffness of ankles and make them more flexible. It will assist you in walking better and preventing falls or injuries. Using olive oil or coconut oil to massage feet can also help in reducing inflammation that you may develop due to a foot issue.

What to expect from a session?

Before starting the therapy, your reflexologist will ask you about your health and lifestyle to determine whether to focus more on feet, hands or ears. Then, you will be given comfortable clothes and asked to lie down on a comfy table or sit in a resting chair.

The therapist will start applying cream or oil on your oil and massage for a few minutes. He/she will then apply low to moderate pressure on certain pressure points. He/she will cover different areas during a 30 to 60 minutes long session.


Reflexology is linked to many health benefits. It can make your muscles relax, stimulate nerve endings, relieve body pain, and reduce stress levels. It may also help you deal with certain foot problems like plantar fasciitis and heel spurs.


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