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Osteopathy – What is it?

Osteopathy, also known as Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM), is a field of healthcare concerned with the assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases using manual techniques like manipulation, massage, stretching, gentle pressure, and resistance. It comes under alternative or complementary therapies, which means it is carried out with a traditional treatment method that includes medicine prescription.

Osteopathy provides holistic care. This treatment method differs from other therapies, as Osteopathy is based on the overall well-being of humans instead of focusing on the problem. It lies on the principle that the mind and body are interlinked entities and readjusting the body’s biomechanics can also restore mental wellness.

What are the benefits of Osteopathy?

Osteopathy deals with muscles, joints, nerves, ligaments, and the spine. It uses gentle hands-on techniques to restore the body’s altered biomechanics, relieve pain, improve movement, and eliminate chronic muscle tension. But the benefits of this mode of treatment extend beyond these areas. Osteopaths believe in the body's natural healing ability and target their treatment to support this ability.

Here is what osteopathic treatment can help you with.

Neck pain, back pain, and knee pain


  Tennis elbow

 Golfer’s elbow

  Headaches and vertigo

  Activates the body’s natural healing abilities and enhances energy levels

  Eliminates the root cause of pain

  Makes blood circulation better

  Deals with postural imbalances and improves balance

  Treats muscle, joints, and nerve pain

  Improves muscle function, mobility, and flexibility

  Has a positive impact on cardiovascular health

  Helps improve sleep

  Plays a role in the prevention of injuries

  Boosts mood, improves memory and enhances focus and attention

  Eases pregnancy-related discomforts

The benefits of Osteopathy seem endless, and it does not contain any side effects. You can search for Osteopath near me to get help with your chronic pain and other health issues.

What should I expect from an Osteopathy session?

The field of Osteopathy follows a patient-centered approach, and the treatment plan is individualized for each patient. An osteopathy consultation session begins with your complete medical history. Your Osteopath will ask you about your presenting complaint, your lifestyle habits, your occupation, and if you have other medical conditions. During this initial history-taking step, your Osteopath will also take your blood pressure and measure your weight. They can also ask you about any medication you are on.

After the detailed history is taken, your Osteopath will start the assessment process. They might ask you to perform different movements to observe your movement patterns and see if there are any irregularities or restricted joint ranges. Next, they will gently use palpation techniques to feel any stiffness in your muscle, ligaments, and joints.


The practitioner will make a diagnosis based on your signs and symptoms and devise an individualized treatment plan. Finally, they will guide you about the prognosis and how your treatment will progress. Your Osteopath will also guide you about the number of sessions you need for complete recovery, but this number can fluctuate based on the rate of your improvement.

As a large part of Osteopathy is based on prevention, you will also receive dietary guidelines, a home exercise plan, and recommended lifestyle modifications along with a customized home plan.

Osteopaths are highly specialized individuals who are certified to perform hands-on mobilizations. While you are searching for Osteopath near me, make sure that particular Osteopath or institute is qualified and registered.


Alternative therapies like Osteopathy have been playing a healing role in human lives for ages. It has shown numerous benefits and is safely administered all over the world. Some people prefer Osteopathy for their chronic pain problems over other treatment methods as it follows a holistic approach and does not contain side effects like medication. You can search for an Osteopath near me and find a qualified professional to benefit from this hands-on treatment.

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