Therapeutic Touch

16th August 2022By DZ TeamHolistic Health

Therapeutic Touch

Therapeutic Touch – What is This?

Therapeutic touch, also known as non-contact therapeutic touch, is an energy technique in which a therapist passes his hand over the body of the receiver to reduce energy imbalance and direct the flow of natural energy.

It is based on the theory that your mind, spirit, and body have natural energies that can control your health and well-being. Any disturbance in the normal flow of energy can produce ill effects.

What are the benefits of Therapeutic Touch?

Deal with depression

The therapy allows you to connect with yourself and manage your emotions. You gain more control over yourself, which helps deal with different emotions that a depressed person experiences. It shows a positive effect on mood and eliminates negative thoughts. All these things can help you reduce the symptoms of depression.

2013 study shows that the therapeutic touch can help depressive people reduce anxiousness, stress, and pain.

Help you reduce overeating

Overeating can lead to obesity and related health issues. That is why controlling it is very important, if you want to live a healthy life ahead. Therapeutic touch therapy can increase the consciousness of your mind and help you control your cravings. It may be more effective for people trying to lose weight.

Produce a relaxation response in the body

Therapeutic touch therapy opens the energy pathway and encourages energy as well as body fluid flow. Your body gets rid of toxins, stress hormones, and similar chemicals, which induces a positive effect on your overall health, and you start feeling relaxed. The production of anti-stress hormones may get stimulated.

Get rid of the pain

When your energy balance gets restored, your body’s ability to heal itself improves. As a result, your body starts healing damaged tissues, muscles, organs, etc., so you feel less or no pain.

2016 review of several studies showed that the therapeutic therapy is effective in reducing pain and fatigue in people going through cancer treatment.

Balance your natural energy

The most popular benefit of therapeutic touch therapy is the restoration of energy balance. If your blocked and disturbed energy does not get balanced, you may develop a health problem and experience pain, laziness, and fatigue. That is why restoring energy is crucial.

What should I expect from a Therapeutic Touch session?

When you go for a therapeutic touch session, your therapist will ask you to lie down on a table. The therapist uses breathing, meditation, and different techniques to gain consciousness, which is also called the getting “centered.” Your therapist will hold their hand above your body’s surface and move it from your head to your feet to locate the area where energy is blocked.

Once they locate the problematic area, your therapist will use different hand movements to open the blocked energy pathway. The session ends when your energy movement restores fully.


Therapeutic touch is a healing technique you can use to balance your energy and maintain its flow. It can help you relieve pain, handle depression symptoms, become more conscious, get rid of negative energy, and improve your overall mental, physical and spiritual health.


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