Natural Fertility Management

21st August 2022By DZ TeamHolistic Health

Natural Fertility Management

Natural Fertility Management – What is this?

Natural fertility management is about improving the reproductive health of male and female partners to help the female partner fall pregnant. Different methods, such as the cervical mucus method, calendar/rhythm method, etc., are used to create an optimal environment within the body and prepare it for pregnancy.

It deals with all concerns related to reproductive health, including pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, menopause, and beyond. Your practitioner will offer different treatment plans for the proper development of sperm from men, and eggs from women.

A female baby has a fixed number of eggs in her ovaries when she is born. These are the eggs she will ever have throughout her life. On the other hand, a man produces sperm on a continuous basis throughout his life. There are different stages of the healthy development of eggs and sperm. In a holistic fertility clinic, your doctor will share the significance of each stage to help you improve your chances of becoming pregnant.

What are the benefits of natural fertility management?

Stress management

Different lifestyle elements such as excessive exposure to stress, and poor eating habits affect your whole body health, including fertility. In natural fertility management, you are provided with different treatment options such as yoga, meditation, acupuncture, etc., to help you tackle stress and keep your mind, body, and spirit balanced.

Reduce excessive weight

When you are overweight or underweight, your chances of conceiving reduce. In this type of holistic fertility clinic, your practitioner will create a tailored treatment plan to manage your weight. It will also bring hormonal balance, further improving your chances of getting pregnant.

Increase pregnancy rates

The primary goal of natural fertility management is to improve a man/woman’s fertility by helping him/her make the right lifestyle choices. Some nutrients like prenatal vitamins and supplements are associated with improved pregnancy rates. Similarly, acupuncture before embryo transfer manages uterine blood flow and supports pregnancy.

When you visit a holistic fertility clinic, your practitioner examines elements that can possibly reduce your fertility or even lead to infertility. They offer different treatments you can use to strengthen your body from the inside to conceive soon.

What should I expect from a consultation with a natural fertility management practitioner?

During your first consultation with a natural fertility management practitioner, you will undergo a physical examination. The practitioner will ask different questions related to your sex routine, diet, nutrition, sleep pattern, and stress management. They may also conduct a few lab tests to evaluate your condition.

After examination, the practitioner designs a tailored treatment plan to improve the quality of both eggs and sperm. You will have several follow-up sessions until you achieve your fertility-related goal. The duration of a regular fertility management session can range from 45 to 60 minutes.


Natural fertility management focuses on improving your mental, physical and spiritual health, which have a direct influence on your fertility. When all aspects of your health or your partner’s health are in balance, your pregnancy rate increases.


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