Lava Shell Massage

18th August 2022By DZ TeamHolistic Health

Lava Shell Massage

Lava Shell Massage – What is it?

Lava Shell Massage is a heat treatment used for relaxation. For this treatment, striped Tiger Clam shells are used as a massage tool. Lava shells are considered the world's first self-heating massage tool. This treatment is an eco-friendly treatment. Previously, long clam shells were disposed of and considered useless. However, nowadays, these shells are recycled and used as a tool for this massage. Self-heating, disposable aromatherapy bags are used in this massage. These bags contain algae, dried sea kelp, and minerals. An activator liquid is then added to create a chemical reaction, during which heat is produced, (which can last up to two hours).

The lava shell massage therapist uses different oils to moisturize the skin during the massage. They press different sides of the shell on key body parts to relax the muscles. For example, the knob is used on the back to break tight knots. Gentle pressure is applied by smooth sides on calves and arms, while the narrow edge is ideal for releasing the tension in shoulders blades or between the toes. Therapists move lava shells on hands, palms, arms, shoulders, feet, and legs slowly. They apply firm pressure during the full body Lomi Lomi massage. After that shoulders, neck, and shoulders are stroked and rubbed with the shells.


Types of Lava Massage

Some different types of Lava Shell massage are listed below (all of these use different types of lava shells):

Lava Shell Thermal Facial Treatment

Lava Shell Glacial Detox Massage

Lava Shell Rescue Massage

Lava Shell Sports Massage


Lava Shell Massage Benefits

There are endless benefits. Including, but not limited to, relaxation and relief from aches and, pains and discomforts.

The massage is best for soothing aches and relieving pains associated with different injuries. The heat from lava shells can also speed up the process of recovery. It also reduces swelling and water retention in our bodies. Our body gets a sense of balance after receiving this massage. People who have irregular headaches and body pains can get plenty of benefits out of this massage.

People with tense muscles enjoy this massage a lot. As the heat is released from the lava shells for up to one hour. This ensures that the client receives a full-body warm massage continuously. The heat of clam shells along with deep pressure point massage relaxes the muscle tension, soothes away the knots, and releases energy flow.

It helps in the regeneration and firming of our skin: A blend of minerals like Dead Sea salt, dried sea kelp, algae, and essential oil makes this massage magical. As the shells are made up of calcium, they give up calcium ions on heating up. This calcium is transferred to our skin during massage.


What to Expect from a Massage Session?

When you experience a lava massage session, your blood vessels dilate, resulting in increased blood flow. As a result, your body gets the amount of oxygen and nutrients that are required. Hot Calcium Shells relieve ions onto the skin and induce a renewal process for the skin. Meanwhile, the soothing effect during the massage signals a feeling of relaxation to the brain through sensory receptors, (which enable you to feel relaxed and relief from stress and pain). You will feel so relaxed and pampered after receiving this massage.

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