Infant Massage

18th August 2022By DZ TeamHolistic Health

Infant Massage

Infant Massage – What is it?

Infant massage is a process of rhythmic stroking and rubbing of an infant’s muscles in a specifically designed way. It is a traditional process in some societies which is becoming a global practice nowadays. When a child is born, midwives are responsible for massage and soothing the baby. Later on, this process is repeated by the mother, father, grandparents, and/or guardian.

What are the benefits of this massage?

There are physical and psychological benefits of providing infant massage to your newborn that must be known by each parent.

It builds a strong bond between the parent and the baby. Parents can understand their baby’s non-verbal cues in a better way while giving them a massage.

The massage calms, soothes, reduces crying, and relaxes a baby. It also helps in developing a sense of security and comfort. This makes the baby sleep longer and deeper.

It improves the texture and condition of the skin. It improves the circulation of blood in the body and increases the flow of oxygen.

Recurrent and professionally conducted baby massage develops and strengthens the immune system. It also assists in the removal of waste materials from the body efficiently.

It reduces the occurrence of different diseases like cold, cough, infection of the ear and nose.

The circular massage done on the tummy of babies relieves them from colic pain and gas buildups (which aids digestion).

Infant massage therapy, when conducted by professional Infant Massage Therapists, has proven effective in managing chronic conditions like asthma, myalgia, nausea, and constipation.

Infant Massage Therapists also claim that highly professional massage can produce endorphin in babies which leads to a reduction in stress.


What should I expect from an Infant Massage session?

In a session with the therapist, the most important learning would be the baby language and signs that help you communicate with an infant. Establishing eye-to-eye contact, exchanging a smile, and gibbering, are basic steps. These steps help establish a bond with the baby and helps to ensure a perfect massage. By undergoing an Infant Massage Session, parents learn the technique of giving a listening touch to the baby. This technique is promoted by Teresa Kirkpatrick Ramsey (the founder of “Baby’s First Massage” in Ohio).

Therapists endeavor to develop the understanding of parents on methods of touch, feel, and observations when massaging an infant. Infant Massage Therapy sessions will enable parents to learn the basics of Infant Massage. The sessions will demonstrate ways of stroking and handling the baby massage, learning about the skin of babies, and the beneficial oils for the massage. Parents will need to be flexible in selecting the time of the day when the baby will be more receptive to the massage, i.e., when they emanate signs of happiness and acceptance. This can be any time of the day or a night.

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