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Hypnobirthing – What is it?

Hypnobirthing is a way of reducing pain and fear associated with the natural process of giving birth. Deciding to opt for drug-free childbirth is a powerful decision and takes a lot of courage and patience to go through. Hypnosis is a way of altering an individual’s sensation, thoughts, and behavior. Hypnobirthing is used to alter these perceptions to bypass the fear and anxiety associated with the natural process of giving birth and help women stay calm and relaxed. While multiple options are available to make the birthing process easy and pain-free, hypno birth is superior to these methods as it does not use drugs and is free of side effects.

The inventor of Hypnobirthing, Marie Mongan, coined this term in 1989. The idea behind this technique is that during the birthing process, the blood circulation is redirected from the main reproductive organs like the uterus to other large organs like legs due to increased stress and fear. Hypnobirthing helps women to stay focused and calm and help keep the blood circulation to the main organs where it is needed.

What are the benefits of Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing gave women a chance to be more active in their child delivery process. It helps them stay calm and relaxed, minimizing pain while remaining awake, active, and fully aware of the experience. Here are a few benefits that Hypno birth carries for you:

Provides a safe means of child delivery. It does not involve any drugs and medications and is hence free of harmful side effects

Gives comfort, calm, and relaxation during the childbirth

Manages the fear and anxiety associated with childbirth

Helps you fully undergo the experience by keeping you alert during the whole process

Reduces the chances of postpartum depression by giving you more control over the procedure

Shortens the first stage of labor

Results in healthier babies

What should I expect from Hypnobirthing?


The purpose of Hypno birth is to teach your body to be relaxed to the point that the pain is dimmed out, and the birthing process happens without restriction. The basic concept behind hypno birth is that nature intended the birthing process to be easy, but the learned trauma and fear made this process more difficult. This therapeutic technique aims to tone down these learned negative connotations with the help of different techniques. You and your partner might need to take a few classes before your due date, where your hypnotherapist will teach you different relaxation techniques.

Your therapist might start these sessions by teaching you controlled and deep breathing techniques. one of the most popular breathing techniques is to inhale to the count of four through your nose and then exhale to the count of seven through your mouth.


The second technique is also similar, but for this one, you must inhale and exhale to the count of seven. The technique involves learning to focus on positive thoughts and use positive words. For example, while referring to the contractions, the therapist will use the word “surge” or “wave” to give it a more calming connotation.


Third and the last technique that your hypnotherapist might use is guided visualization. In this technique, you will learn to imagine a peaceful visualization like the opening of a flower to relax your body. Music and meditation can also be used during this process to further aid relaxation. This technique will help you get into a state of daydreaming and help release endorphins to further relax your body.


Hypno birth is an excellent way of going through natural labor while keeping the pain to a minimum. While going through this natural process might not be easy, hypnobirthing makes it bearable while limiting the post-partum complications.


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