Holistic Massage

17th August 2022By DZ TeamHolistic Health

Holistic Massage

Holistic Massage – What is it?

Holistic massage, unlike other massage types, aims to catch the root cause of the problem and treat it instead of only treating the manifestations like body stress and tension. The massage is tailor-made as per the needs of the individual. It uses a combined approach of nutrition, psychology, and environment to restore the organic balance of mind, body, and soul.

Holistic massage is not a new concept instead its history dates back to many years ago. The word “holistic” is derived from the Greek word “Holos” which in literal meanings translates to “whole”. Hence, the massage is defined as a massage that has been tailor-made for the whole mind and body. A whole new experience in itself, Holistic massage therapy is what you need to feel all new and rejuvenated.



The benefits are immense and long-lasting hence making it a popular choice among massage lovers. You become a whole new person after just one session. Have a look at the following benefits of this massage:

Relaxes the mind and body.

Reduces physical and emotional stress on the body.

Boosts the immune system.

Releases muscular tension.

Boosts overall energy levels.

Improves skin elasticity.

Improves sleep patterns.

Improves physical and mental fatigue.

Helps in reducing blood pressure.

Encourages the overall

Improves flexibility and mobility.

Alleviates stiffness and tension in the muscles.

Helps in delivering oxygen and nutrients to all the cells in the body.

Eliminates toxins from the body.



Holistic massage therapy is a great experience. During the session, the therapist uses touch, calm music along essential oils that relax both your mind and body. Before starting holistic massage therapy, medical consultation will take place. The therapist will ask questions about family, lifestyle, and medical conditions if there are any. One session lasts for up to one hour and if there is pain in some specific areas, they are concentrated more. The holistic massage therapy will often be coupled with other activities such as yoga, stretching, etc. the therapist often recommends these activities in between massage sessions to pace up the progress. You will be partially clothed (covered with warm towels the entire time). Only the part that is being concentrated will be exposed. Expect to feel all relaxed and relieved after the massage session!

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