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Hoʻoponopono – What is it?

Hoʻoponopono is an ancient Hawaiian practice that promotes healing through forgiveness and reconciliation. The word Hoʻoponopono is a combination of two Hawaiian words, “ho’o” and “ponopono" which translate to "cause" and "perfection," respectively and it roughly translates to “making things right” in English. Ho Oponopono’s philosophy is to enhance a sense of responsibility for oneself and the environment. It advocates pardoning, repentance, confession, and finally, acceptance.

Hoʻoponopono has a long history in Hawaiian culture where a respected family member or a reputed outsider would settle a dispute among family members. This practice aims at maintaining, restoring, and correcting relationships by reaching the root cause of the trouble.

What are the benefits of Hoʻoponopono?

The Ho Oponopono technique is a form of mental cleansing that eliminates toxic elements from relationships and boosts a sense of mutual acceptance. It can provide wide-range benefits and include the following:

Conflict resolution

Cellular memories regeneration

Neutralization of negative emotions associated with past traumatic events

A proactive approach to facing life

Enhanced sense of obligation and responsibility


Improved emotional balance

More calm and positive attitude towards adverse incidences

Healthier relationships

Stress reduction

A deeper connection to the Divine

A Greater sense of purpose

What should I expect from a Hoʻoponopono session?

A Hoʻoponopono session aims to make you responsible for your actions and emotions. The practitioner will guide you to follow the technique stepwise. Your Ho Oponopono session will consist of the following four phases:

I’M SORRY (Repentance)

Saying sorry for the negative things in your life will help you take responsibility for these negative experiences and ask for forgiveness. Taking responsibility for some issues is easy, but when it comes to the outer experiences, it can get quite tricky. Once you focus on a present problem and start with a small step, you will eventually realize that you are responsible for everything happening around you.

You can start saying sorry for a minor problem like being overweight, anger issues, nicotine, and other addiction, etc. Take full responsibility for these problems while repeating “I’m sorry.”

PLEASE FORGIVE ME (Ask for Forgiveness)

The second step of the session will be to ask for forgiveness. Remember the guilt and remorse you felt at the end of the first step and say, "please forgive me," to seek forgiveness. Do not overthink about who you are seeking forgiveness from. Keep repeating these words as you mean them. This step will help you free yourself from every negative experience and bad memory of your past life.

THANK YOU (Gratitude)

The third step of the Hoʻoponopono session will be to practice gratitude. Keep repeating the word "thank you" while being thankful for every experience in your life. Do not give much thought to who you are saying thanks to. Consider you are showing gratitude to yourself, the universe, the higher self, or whoever it was who forgave you in the previous step. This can be a little difficult initially, but the results will unfold as you keep practicing.


Lastly, you will end the session by saying “I love you” to everything that surrounds you. May it be your body, your house, God, or even the air you breathe. Keep repeating these words while making sure they are coming from your heart. This step will help you feel connected with your surroundings and the universe and give you a sense of belonging.


Hoʻoponopono is a powerful yet simple technique that one can learn and apply to themselves. Originating from ancient Hawaiian culture, it is a practice for promoting acceptance, forgiveness, self-actualization and taking responsibility.

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