Feng Shui

16th August 2022By DZ TeamHolistic Health

Feng Shui

Feng Shui – What is This?

Feng shui is basically the interaction between individuals and their surroundings, which allows them to influence their energies and improve their lives. You design your surroundings in relation to the natural energy flow. You use specific colors, materials, and layouts. The concept is that designing a room in a specific way can bring about energy, harmony and happiness in life.

It is a traditional Chinese technique that was developed more than 6,000 years ago in China. Its literal meaning is β€œwind-water.” In Chinese culture, both elements of nature (wind and water) are linked with good health.

What are the benefits of Feng Shui?

Improvement in relationships

The feng shui technique is a great way of improving your relationship with people. Whether you are interested in deepening your relationship with your spouse or creating a stronger bond with your children, you can achieve these goals by creating a feng shui living room and using it to spend time with your family.

Ease stress

When you create a peaceful space for your body to rest, your muscles relax, and your limbic system resets. Your nervous system gains balance, and the level of stress hormones declines. You feel tension and stress leaving your body slowly and being replaced by calmness, peace and tranquility.

Remove bad energy

Negative energy in a space can make you feel frustrated and tense. It lowers your positive energy and inhibits you from benefiting from the full potential of your energy. A feng shui living room eliminates bad energies and creates more room for positive energy to flourish. It helps you see new opportunities and develop a healthy relationship with yourself.

Achieve financial and business success

Feng shui in your office space allows you to focus on the tasks at hand and be more productive. You find better opportunities in life and achieve more business and financial success.

Improve overall health

When things are arranged in a pleasing manner, you automatically start feeling better. Place blackout curtains in your room to avoid light while sleeping, and use a comfortable mattress to enjoy a well-rested and peaceful sleep. Sleeping well at night will give your body enough time to heal and repair. You will be more fresh and energetic in the morning.

What should I expect from a Feng Shui consultation?

During a consultation, an experienced consultant may visit your home and ask you about your priorities, like what you want to achieve, for instance, improvement in your wealth, health, or relationship? You should identify your goals and let the consultant know.

Once the consultant identifies your needs, they’ll analyze your home to suggest layout and placement changes according to your priorities. A space cleaning will be done to conclude the session. You will receive follow-up calls about new suggestions or adjustments.


Feng shui is a traditional technique that works with the flow of natural energy to help an individual achieve different things in life. Creating a feng shui living room allows you to eliminate stress by sitting in a calming and peaceful space.


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