Feldenkrais Method

22nd August 2022By DZ TeamHolistic Health

Feldenkrais Method

Feldenkrais Method – What is it?

Feldenkrais Method is a popular type of exercise therapy, and the connection between a healthy mind and body has been discussed since ancient times. While talking about the health and wellness of the human body, the mind and the body are not considered separate entities. The Feldenkrais method is based on the same principle.

This method is a form of educational therapy that will enable you to move more efficiently using the best movement strategies. Its main focus is to create awareness of bodily movements and help develop balance, coordination, and an overall sense of well-being.

The human brain is capable of reorganizing its neural pathways. When we try and focus on the forgotten aspects of our day-to-day movements involved in tasks like eating, walking, getting up from a chair, etc., and learn to adopt new and efficient ways of performing them, it slowly starts changing the neuronal connections in the brain, making the newly learned movements a norm.

Although the Feldenkrais Method focuses on somatic or bodily movements, it has an impact on many aspects of our lives including our mental well-being.

What are the benefits of the Feldenkrais Method?

It is especially effective for people who are experiencing any movement restrictions, be it because of pain or problems with balance and coordination. These painful movement restrictions can have other negative consequences like anxiety and depression. By helping people of all ages use their muscles groups efficiently and move with more ease, the Feldenkrais method is known to carry the following benefits:

Enhanced awareness of movement and coordination

Pain Relief

The reduced effort of movement

Eased breathing

Better balance and posture

Better control of the movements

Improved sense of physical and emotional well-being

In case you are facing any of these scenarios, you can find the best Feldenkrais method near me and start your journey.

What should I expect from a Feldenkrais Method session?

Using this method will enable you to be aware of those aspects of movement that are dormant and are not consciously utilized. It can also help you regain your normal movement patterns after an injury, accident, or a prolonged best rest due to surgery.

You can choose one of the following two formats this method is taught in.

  • The Awareness Through Movement class is carried out in a group format. During this type of training, your instructor will guide you through verbal cues. You will be instructed to follow a standard sequence of movements using slow and subtle but controlled movements. You’ll learn these movements in the lying, sitting, and standing positions. The main focus of this mode of training would be to guide your movements through your mind rather than performing mechanical repetitions.
  • The Functional Integration mode of the Feldenkrais method is individualized. It is specifically tailored according to an individual’s needs. In order to refine existing movement patterns, the instructor will use gentle touch to guide your movements through a new economical pattern. The use of hands in this form of class, allows the trainer to feel minor resistances in your muscles and joints and help you overcome them. These sessions are also performed in either lying, sitting, or standing positions.


This is not an alternative to medicinal treatment and does not claim to produce structural changes and cure underlying illnesses. This method has been shown to ease the pain and improve the range of movements by eliminating the restrictions caused by less-than-optimal movement patterns. You can search for the Feldenkrais Method near me to get help with your pain conditions.

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