Feng Shui

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Feng Shui

Feng Shui – What is This?

Feng shui is basically the interaction between individuals and their surroundings, which allows them to influence their energies and improve their lives. You design your surroundings in relation to the natural energy flow. You use specific colors, materials, and layouts. The concept is that designing a room in a specific way can bring about energy, harmony and happiness in life.

It is a traditional Chinese technique that was developed more than 6,000 years ago in China. Its literal meaning is “wind-water.” In Chinese culture, both elements of nature (wind and water) are linked with good health.

What are the benefits of Feng Shui?

Improvement in relationships

The feng shui technique is a great way of improving your relationship with people. Whether you are interested in deepening your relationship with your spouse or creating a stronger bond with your children, you can achieve these goals by creating a feng shui living room and using it to spend time with your family.

Ease stress

When you create a peaceful space for your body to rest, your muscles relax, and your limbic system resets. Your nervous system gains balance, and the level of stress hormones declines. You feel tension and stress leaving your body slowly and being replaced by calmness, peace and tranquility.

Remove bad energy

Negative energy in a space can make you feel frustrated and tense. It lowers your positive energy and inhibits you from benefiting from the full potential of your energy. A feng shui living room eliminates bad energies and creates more room for positive energy to flourish. It helps you see new opportunities and develop a healthy relationship with yourself.

Achieve financial and business success

Feng shui in your office space allows you to focus on the tasks at hand and be more productive. You find better opportunities in life and achieve more business and financial success.

Improve overall health

When things are arranged in a pleasing manner, you automatically start feeling better. Place blackout curtains in your room to avoid light while sleeping, and use a comfortable mattress to enjoy a well-rested and peaceful sleep. Sleeping well at night will give your body enough time to heal and repair. You will be more fresh and energetic in the morning.

What should I expect from a Feng Shui consultation?

During a consultation, an experienced consultant may visit your home and ask you about your priorities, like what you want to achieve, for instance, improvement in your wealth, health, or relationship? You should identify your goals and let the consultant know.

Once the consultant identifies your needs, they’ll analyze your home to suggest layout and placement changes according to your priorities. A space cleaning will be done to conclude the session. You will receive follow-up calls about new suggestions or adjustments.


Feng shui is a traditional technique that works with the flow of natural energy to help an individual achieve different things in life. Creating a feng shui living room allows you to eliminate stress by sitting in a calming and peaceful space.


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Grounding – What is This?

Grounding, also known as earthing, is a therapeutic technique in which you have direct skin-to-earth contact with the earth's surface. It is believed that the earth’s energy and electrical charges travel through your body and produce positive psychological effects.

What are the benefits of grounding?

Enjoy a good night’s sleep

Grounding can help you reduce your sleep disorders and improve sleep quality. It reduces hot flashes and the production of the stress hormone cortisol.

In a study, researchers made patients with sleep disorders sleep on a cotton sheet having conductive threads. The sheet was attached to a wire that led to a rod placed on the surface of the earth. Participants enjoyed a better sleep at night and felt a decline in stress and pain, as well.

Reduce inflammation and pain

Free electrons enter your body and act as antioxidants when you have direct contact with the earth’s surface. They offer you protection against harmful free radicals. A study showed that grounding reduced inflammation and increased healing in people suffering from muscle soreness.

Boost your mood

Earth’s energy can produce a calming effect and lighten your mood. Earth can absorb your stress and, in return, give you its positive energy. A 2019 study reports that grounding has the power to reduce stress and depression. It promotes a positive mood in humans.

Improve heart health

The therapy has an incredible effect on the heart’s health as well. It can improve your heart health and help you prevent serious health problems such as heart stroke, hypertension, etc.

In a 2018 study, researchers gave grounding therapy to 10 patients suffering from hypertension. By the end of the research, they noticed a significant reduction in their blood pressure.

Increase facial blood circulation

Earth’s energy can enhance your skin’s health and help it fight free radicals that cause wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots. A study shows that grounding can stimulate your blood circulation throughout the face, helping the healthy nutrients and oxygen reach your skin. It can also repair your skin tissue fast.

What should I expect from a grounding session?

Since there are a variety of grounding techniques, your practitioner will first ask you about the problem that is disturbing you, so that they can design a custom grounding plan for you, according to your needs.

Generally, the practitioner takes the receiver to a peaceful and secure place. You will be asked to take off your shoes and place your feet firmly on the ground. Your practitioner will then tell you to observe your surroundings by using your five senses. They will ask you to name things you can smell, watch, feel, hear, and even taste.

Doing so will decrease the intensity of certain feelings like anxiousness or nervousness. By the end of the session, you will be calm and at peace.


Grounding is an ancient technique, and now even science proves its numerous benefits. It helps people eradicate negativity and have an optimistic outlook. It can improve the quality of sleep, enhance mood, and improve your heart health.


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Jin Shin Jyutsu

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Jin Shin Jyutsu

Jin Shin Jyutsu – What is This?

Jin Shin Jyutsu is a healing technique that originated in Japan. It is based on the principle that vital life force energy travels through your body using specific pathways. Sometimes, these pathways can get blocked, leading to the blockage or imbalance of energy, which can have a negative effect on your physical, mental, and emotional health.

In this technique, the practitioner applies pressure on certain body parts like feet, hands, and joints to open the blocked pathway. There are 26 energy safety locks on our bodies. They should be opened for the proper flow of energy.

What are the benefits of Jin Shin Jyutsu?

It benefits people in many surprising ways. Here are some popular advantages you can enjoy by having this therapy.

Cope with stress

This therapy is very effective in reducing stress and its associated consequences. Daily stress can put you at risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, and depression. You can protect yourself from such health issues. It can calm your body, diminish the production of cortisol, activate relaxation, and gain mental peace.

Promote balance

This healing therapy encourages balance by opening blocked energy pathways. It can complement other healing therapies and even biomedical therapies. In a study, researchers gave breast cancer patients the Jin Shin Jyutsu therapy. Patients reported improvement in their participation in everyday activities. They also felt better physically.

Control heart rate

Your body produces certain stress hormones under stressful situations to help you cope with stressors and similar elements. An increase in the heartbeat rate is a part of the stress response. If your heartbeat rate stays elevated consistently, you may develop a cardiovascular illness.

A study conducted on stroke patients showed that Jin Shin Jyutsu reduced heartbeat rate faster in the participants who received it compared to those who did not receive it.

Manage acute and chronic pain

Jin Shin Jyutsu benefits people suffering from acute or chronic pain such as headaches, migraine, and backache. According to the results of a study, this therapy significantly decreased pain in people suffering from headaches, fibromyalgia, and cancer.

What should I expect from a Jin Shin Jyutsu session?

You stay fully clothed but remove your shoes and lie down on a therapy table. The therapist will check your pulse rate to analyze your energy flow. Once they have identified the energy blockers, they’ll start applying pressure with their hands on energy lock,s to open them and improve energy flow.

You will feel relaxation and calmness by the end of the session. Some receivers even fall asleep while receiving the therapy.


Jin Shin Jyutsu benefits people in many ways. Whether you are suffering from pain, are trying to manage stress, or have an energy imbalance, this healing therapy has got a solution for you for all these issues. The therapy is painless and can recover the energy flow, helping you improve your performance in day-to-day activities, become more productive, and achieve more things in life.


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Kinesiology – What is This?

Kinesiology is a non-invasive technique in which muscle testing is performed to help muscles restore their activity and perform better. It is believed that our muscles are connected to energy pathways, organs, and glands in different ways. Therefore, if a muscle experiences an issue, it affects the connected organ as well.

In kinesiology, gentle pressure is applied to muscles to open energy pathways and help the body use its natural healing power to restore muscle activity and performance. Kinesiology improves not only physical health but also mental and emotional health.

What are the benefits of Kinesiology?

Kinesiology near me can benefit you in multiple ways. Some of its prominent benefits are:

Find out muscle imbalance

Physical imbalance can affect your body in different ways. It can reduce your range of motion, cause pain when a certain muscle is moved, produce muscle spasms, and eventually reduce the performance of other organs as well.

A kinesiologist can help you identify the cause of muscle imbalance and eradicate it to improve your muscular performance and activity level.

Monitor muscle performance

In Kinesiology, your therapist will analyze the performance of more frequently used muscles, such as the neck, leg, or arm muscles. Your muscles will be massaged. As a result, their fluid movement will improve. All the stress hormones, toxins, and negative energy accumulated in the muscles will be released.

Reduce pain

One of the most liked benefits of this therapy is its ability to reduce pain. When your muscles are used more frequently, they may develop pain due to the accumulation of toxins and waste materials. A Kinesiologist applies pressure on these muscles to regulate the vital life energy force and let the body use its own healing abilities to tackle pain.

People often report improvement in their headaches, neck pain, and back pain after receiving kinesiology near me.

Identify nutritional needs

A kinesiologist will analyze your body’s reaction to certain movements to identify the source of mental or physical needs. They will then suggest you improve your health by using energies stored in healthy foods that can work with your body to make your mental, physical, and spiritual health better.

What should I expect from a Kinesiology session?

During your first session with a kinesiologist, your muscle performance is analyzed with the help of muscle tests. The therapist asks you questions about your medical history, lifestyle and health problems you are currently experiencing. You’ll be asked to move your limbs and other muscles in specific directions, and then gentle pressure will be applied on them (to monitor your body’s reaction).

Once the kinesiologist has identified the problem, they’ll devise a kinesiology plan, according to your needs. This plan will include certain lifestyle changes, relaxation techniques, nutritional supplements, and natural food items.

When you search for ‘kinesiology near’ me on Google, make sure you verify the qualification and experience of the kinesiologist before selecting them.


Kinesiology is a technique you can use to improve your muscle performance and overall health. It is known to reduce headaches, back pain, and neck pain. It can also help you identify the underlying cause of the decline in muscular health.


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Magnetic Field Therapy

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Magnetic Field Therapy

Magnetic Field Therapy – What is This?

Magnetic field therapy, also called pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, uses magnets to stimulate your body cells and improve your overall health. In this therapy, magnetic energy is sent to your body. It starts working with your body’s energy to improve healing. It brings electrical changes in your cells that influence cellular metabolism.

It is based on the belief that each cell in your body has its own magnetic field, which gets disturbed due to stress and similar factors. Therefore, when you apply a magnetic field from an external source, the body’s natural magnetic field gets harmonized again.

What are the benefits of Magnetic Field Therapy?

Relieve pain

Pulsed electromagnetic therapy is popularly used to relieve pain. In a study, researchers gave this therapy to patients with fibromyalgia for up to six months. By the end of the research, they noticed a reduction in the pain intensity and improvement in the functional status of the participants.

Reduce symptoms of insomnia

Insomnia is a sleep disorder that is becoming more common with time. Lack of quality sleep for a prolonged period, can have a negative influence on your overall health. It makes you feel tired and exhausted, and it also slows down the natural healing process of your body.

Studies show that this therapy can help people suffering from insomnia to reduce sleep latency, daytime headaches, and daytime sleepiness.

Improve symptoms of depression

Depression symptoms may also be relieved with the help of this therapy. It stimulates nerve cells in the brain and helps body tackle depression symptoms.

Studies show that it is more effective for people who do not show a response to medicines and other treatments that are used for depression.

Help manage cancer symptoms.

The therapy may be effective in reducing cancer. In a mouse study, cancer cells were injected into the mice. Their tumor size reduced when they received magnetic field therapy, and their cancer cells started dying due to the natural cell death process. The exact relation between the death of cancer cells due to this therapy is not understood now, but it is believed magnetic field can help with cancer control.

What should I expect from a Magnetic Field Therapy session?

During a pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, your therapist will explain the whole procedure and its effects. You will be asked to either sit on a chair or lie down on a table, depending on the type of magnetic field therapy you are going to receive.

An electromagnetic coil will be positioned on your head to produce an electromagnetic field. One magnetic field therapy session takes 30 to 40 minutes. You may feel a little dizzy and nauseous after having this therapy.


This type of therapy is done to harmonize the magnetic fields produced by different cells and molecules in your body. It shows positive effects on human health. Studies prove that it may reduce the symptoms of depression, insomnia, and acute pain when applied correctly. It may also help in reducing tumor size.


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Polarity Therapy

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Polarity Therapy

Polarity Therapy – What is This?

Polarity therapy is a type of energy therapy that is used to restore your body’s natural energy. In it, the practitioner uses a variety of exercises, yoga, meditation, nutrition, and hands-on techniques to improve your overall health.

It is based on the same principle as other energy therapies. It is believed that there is a natural vital energy force passing through your body. You become ill when there is a blockage in the energy flow. Your body and mind have natural abilities to heal themselves. You can speed up this healing process by manipulating the energy field.

What are the benefits of Polarity Therapy?

This therapy does not cure illnesses, but it is believed to reduce symptoms of some health problems when it is used in combination with exercise, yoga, nutrition, and meditation.

When your natural energy is disturbed, you may feel pain, fatigue, sleeplessness, and nausea. But you can reverse these effects with the help of this therapy. It is often used for the treatment of the following health issues.

Pain in bones




Digestive disorders

Cerebral palsy

Eating disorders

Arthritis-induced asthma

Chronic fatigue syndrome

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Cerebral palsy

Some scientific studies also prove their effectiveness. Examples of these studies are:

Stress and polarity therapy: In a study, researchers gave polarity therapy to the caregivers of dementia patients. These caregivers were suffering from depression and stress. When they received the therapy for eight weeks, they noticed a significant reduction in their depression symptoms and stress levels.

Cancer and polarity therapy: Like other energy therapies, polarity therapy techniques can also be helpful in reducing symptoms of cancer therapy. In a study, 45 breast cancer patients who were receiving radiation therapy also received polarity therapy as a complementary therapy. By the end of the research, the participants noticed a slight reduction in their cancer-related fatigue.

What should I expect from a Polarity Therapy session?

During a session, your practitioner will ask you about the health issue for which you want to receive the treatment. They will observe your body and try to find the source of energy blockage. They’ll also ask you to change your hands or arm positions, to see what is causing the problem. Your practitioner will gently press your body parts to find the cause of any pain.

Once the issue is diagnosed, your practitioner will use a variety of polarity therapy techniques, including body massage, to open the energy pathway and maintain its flow in the body. When the energy starts flowing normally, your body starts healing the pain and other issues on its own, and you feel much better than before.


Polarity therapy techniques are used to align the electromagnetic fields in the body and restore the natural flow of vital force energy. It can make your mental, physical, and spiritual health better and help you prevent illnesses.

You can use this therapy to reduce body pain associated with arthritis, cancer, and other similar illnesses. This therapy has no side effects and can be used as a complementary therapy with some biomedical therapies.


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Reiki – What is This?

Reiki is an alternative therapy in which the practitioner places their hands above the surface of your body or on your body to stimulate your body’s ability to heal itself. Like any other healing therapy, this therapy also works on improving the flow of your natural energy, so that you can prevent illnesses or treat the ones you are suffering from currently.

What are the benefits of Reiki?

Reiki massage is known to produce the following beneficial effects on the body.

Promote overall wellness

It creates a balance of energy in your mind, body, and spirit by opening the energy pathways that get blocked due to stress and day-to-day activities. The increased energy flow restores balance and creates harmony in your body. It also helps your body use its own abilities to heal the present illness; as a result, your overall health improves.

Relieve pain and fatigue

Reiki massage can reduce body pain and fatigue. In a 2015 study, researchers divided cancer patients into two groups. One group received reiki therapy for five days along with the cancer medication. On the other hand, the other group only took medication. By the end of the research, the first group reported a significant reduction in their anxiety, pain, and fatigue compared to the second group that took only cancer medication.

Relieve depression

Reiki can also improve mood and other symptoms of depression patients. A study shows that reiki can improve your sense of curiosity, induce relaxation, and improve the level of self-care and mood in older adults suffering from depression and anxiety.

Improve your mood

Since reiki can manage your anxiety and depression. It can help you improve your mood as well. In a study, participants received a 30-minute reiki session six times over the period of four to eight weeks. All participants noticed an improvement in their mood and the ability to handle their emotions.

What should I expect from a Reiki session?

During a session, you lie down on a therapy table or sit on a chair, fully clothed. The therapist may play soothing music or dim the light to create a calming environment. They’ll gently place their palms on your body (above specific energy locations to open the blocked pathway). They will pay special attention to the body part that you have complained about.

The practitioner will apply gentle pressure and use different hand positions, to restore energy balance. You should feel a great sense of relaxation throughout your body. Different receivers of the therapy have share different views about its effects. Some even fall asleep during the session due to the relaxing effect. A session of reiki massage lasts from 45 to 60 minutes.


Reiki is a painless, non-invasive, traditional procedure offered by holistic practitioners to help people manage symptoms of different health problems by balancing their natural energies and stimulating the body’s healing powers.

You can use reiki therapy to reduce the physical symptoms of depression and anxiety. A single reiki session can boost your mood, improve your quality of life, and reduce the negative thoughts from your mind.


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Therapeutic Touch

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Therapeutic Touch

Therapeutic Touch – What is This?

Therapeutic touch, also known as non-contact therapeutic touch, is an energy technique in which a therapist passes his hand over the body of the receiver to reduce energy imbalance and direct the flow of natural energy.

It is based on the theory that your mind, spirit, and body have natural energies that can control your health and well-being. Any disturbance in the normal flow of energy can produce ill effects.

What are the benefits of Therapeutic Touch?

Deal with depression

The therapy allows you to connect with yourself and manage your emotions. You gain more control over yourself, which helps deal with different emotions that a depressed person experiences. It shows a positive effect on mood and eliminates negative thoughts. All these things can help you reduce the symptoms of depression.

2013 study shows that the therapeutic touch can help depressive people reduce anxiousness, stress, and pain.

Help you reduce overeating

Overeating can lead to obesity and related health issues. That is why controlling it is very important, if you want to live a healthy life ahead. Therapeutic touch therapy can increase the consciousness of your mind and help you control your cravings. It may be more effective for people trying to lose weight.

Produce a relaxation response in the body

Therapeutic touch therapy opens the energy pathway and encourages energy as well as body fluid flow. Your body gets rid of toxins, stress hormones, and similar chemicals, which induces a positive effect on your overall health, and you start feeling relaxed. The production of anti-stress hormones may get stimulated.

Get rid of the pain

When your energy balance gets restored, your body’s ability to heal itself improves. As a result, your body starts healing damaged tissues, muscles, organs, etc., so you feel less or no pain.

2016 review of several studies showed that the therapeutic therapy is effective in reducing pain and fatigue in people going through cancer treatment.

Balance your natural energy

The most popular benefit of therapeutic touch therapy is the restoration of energy balance. If your blocked and disturbed energy does not get balanced, you may develop a health problem and experience pain, laziness, and fatigue. That is why restoring energy is crucial.

What should I expect from a Therapeutic Touch session?

When you go for a therapeutic touch session, your therapist will ask you to lie down on a table. The therapist uses breathing, meditation, and different techniques to gain consciousness, which is also called the getting “centered.” Your therapist will hold their hand above your body’s surface and move it from your head to your feet to locate the area where energy is blocked.

Once they locate the problematic area, your therapist will use different hand movements to open the blocked energy pathway. The session ends when your energy movement restores fully.


Therapeutic touch is a healing technique you can use to balance your energy and maintain its flow. It can help you relieve pain, handle depression symptoms, become more conscious, get rid of negative energy, and improve your overall mental, physical and spiritual health.


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Touch for Health

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Touch for Health

Touch for Health – What is This?

Touch for Health (TFH) is a branch of alternative therapy kinesiology. In it, muscle testing is performed to identify the imbalance of energy and its effects. With TFH, your body’s energy can be restored and rebalanced, which activates its natural healing power so that the body can heal itself.

What are the benefits of Touch for Health?

Touch for health near me is effective for a variety of acute and chronic health problems. The therapy offers the following key benefits.

Regulate body functions

When you go through touch for health therapy session, your body’s natural energy starts flowing normally; as a result, all the toxins, unwanted energies, and chemicals, which you do not need, eliminate from your body; as a result, your organs and tissues start performing their roles better.

Improve sleep

Your muscles relax, and you learn to control your racing thoughts. Therefore, when you go to bed to sleep, your mind and body do not take long to fall asleep. Your sleep-wake cycle restores. You feel fresher and have increased energy levels every day. Your natural tissue repairing process starts working better.

Increase focus and concentration

Your negative thoughts leave your mind and are replaced by positive thoughts. You realize the importance of the present. Therefore, instead of worrying about your past or future, you try to stay in the present and enjoy it fully. Your level of concentration increases, due to which, you find it easier to focus on tasks.

Improve awareness of your mind and body

You become more aware of what is going on in your mind and body. You connect with yourself on a deeper level and learn what is disturbing you and how you can tackle it using your own energy and power.

Enhance your mental and physical performance

When you become more aware, focused, and concentrated, your performance and productivity increase automatically. You learn to manage different things simultaneously and find new opportunities every other day. Touch for health near me can help you improve the quality of your life as well as your health.

What should I expect from a Touch for Health session?

During a touch for health session, you will lie down on a massage table. The practitioner will use manual muscle monitoring techniques to check your body’s response. Your affected muscle or body parts will respond differently, which will help the therapist identify the point of stress.

Once the issue is recognized, he uses different techniques such as energy line touch, lymphatic rubbing, head point pressure, nutrition, etc., to help you tackle the problem and regain your health and energy flow.

The duration of a single touch for health session ranges from 30 to 60 minutes. It can be more if you have several issues and require more attention than an average receiver.


Touch for health can help you recognize the issues within your body and restore your energy to remove those issues on your own. You can use this alternative therapy to improve your performance, boost mental and physical awareness, become more focused, and improve the quality of sleep.


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