Dream Interpretation

15th August 2022By DZ TeamHolistic Health

Dream Interpretation

Dream Interpretation – What is it?

Dream Interpretation is a way of finding meaning based on the images and elements seen in dreams. Built on the theory of Freud, β€œDream Interpretation” is a therapeutic technique to tap into our unconscious mind. It tries to find its needs, deeply buried traumas, and a solution to our problems. Freud called the dreams a royal road to unconsciousness. This is because dreams can express our hidden emotions and bring our concerns to the surface. Dreams help us experience a life we haven't lived, and even provide solutions to our issues. Finding dream meanings and studying and analyzing them, can provide a way to eradicate our problems. Additionally, it can help us to live a well-balanced life.

What are the benefits of Dream Interpretation?

Analyzing your dreams can provide certain mental health benefits. It can show a way to reach into untapped areas of the brain and figure out the root cause of our current problems. Dream Interpretation can benefit you in following ways:

Provide a balance between the conscious and unconscious mind

Harmonic mental tuning

Get in touch with deeper emotions

Provide insights into your mood

Find a central message of your dreams by exploring the dream symbolism

Bring internal conflicts to the surface and help you address them

Dream Meanings can enable you to understand your nightmares and find a find solution to get rid of them

Dream Interpretation can assist you in seeing your current situation without any filters as there is no denial in dreams

Assist you in your personal and spiritual growth

What should I expect from a Dream Interpretation session?

Part 1

As mentioned above, our dreams are a way to our unconscious mind. Some people try to interpret their dreams by themselves, that is not based on any set rules. With Dream Interpretation, the session will start with you describing your dream in detail. The practitioner will ask you about the feelings and emotions that you felt during that dream, and after you woke up. As it’s common to forget your dreams after waking up, your counsellor/therapist can use techniques to help you remember them.

The first technique your therapist can use is to ask you to write your dreams as soon as you wake up. Keep a notebook by your bedside and write details about what you saw in your dream.

Part 2

Dreams are more than just images and moments; they also make us feel a certain way. Your therapist might ask you to recall those feelings and emotions after you wake up. Try to remember how you felt during your dream. Were those emotions negative or positive, and how did those emotions affect you? Sometimes these feelings can linger on even after waking up, but it is not always the case.

Recording your dreams and feelings about them, can help you and your counsellor find a pattern or theme. You can recognize reoccurring thoughts and feelings with the help of your dreams. With your help, the therapist, will try to infer a meaning from this analysis. They can glean new information from your dreams. Moreover, they can guide you to use this information in your life in the best way possible. The counsellor can use one of the following techniques to make this Dream Interpretation:


Jungian Analysis

Gestalt Therapy

Existential Art Therapy


Figuring out your Dream Meanings can assist you in fighting various mental illnesses. This therapy can be used alone but is mainly used in conjunction with other forms of therapies. You can find a way to learn more about yourself, understand yourself better, and improve your overall mental functioning.


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