Reconnective Healing

21st January 2023By DZ TeamHolistic Health

Reconnective Healing

Reconnective Healing – What is it?

Reconnective Healing is a life-changing experience that utilizes specific frequencies to promote healing at every level of being. Dr Eric Pearl discovered this hands-free form of therapy which enhances the healing of mind, body, and spirit. The idea behind this technique is that trained reconnective healing practitioners can feel the energies and inspire healing with the help of the presence of mind, awareness, and consciousness. You can experience instant results that can last lifelong after going through the session with the help of a trained professional.

What are the benefits of Reconnective Healing?

Reconnective Healing is a means of bringing coherence and harmony in your lives by transforming your bodies, minds, hearts, and souls and bringing positive physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional changes. Due to its array of positive effects on mind, body, and spirit, this practice is used to restore balance, promote harmony, and bring wholeness by connecting you to a higher self. In addition, it can help you deal with the following conditions:

Chronic pains and aches

Chronic fatigue

Depression, stress, and anxiety

Certain cancers and malignancies

Different types of addictions


Multiple sclerosis (MS)

Sports injuries

Developmental congenital abnormalities


Cerebral palsy (CP)

Post-surgical recovery

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA)



Furthermore, by removing obstacles like stress, illness, fears, and negative beliefs holding you back, this type of healing brings you joy, happiness, and love. Surprisingly, this therapy has not only worked for the recipient but has also been shown to heal the practitioner at the end of a session.

What should I expect from a Reconnective Healing session?

During a session, you will be fully clothed, and your healer will ask you to lie comfortably on a massage table. It is recommended that you do not wear perfume and scents. A single session can last for up to 30 minutes, and you will get a debrief after the session. The practitioner will guide you to let go of the tension and stress and be as relaxed as possible.

Your healer will use the principles and guidelines provided by Dr Eric Pearl to feel the energies surrounding you. Firstly, they will access these energies and work with them by using their hands. Then, they will create a distance from you while maintaining a connection with your surrounding energies. During the session, the healer will keep walking around at varying distances and altering the frequencies. This play with the healing spectrum of frequencies will leave clear and distinct physical effects on you.

How would you observe these effects?

Every person has a unique experience while going through a healing session. People usually feel involuntary movements like fluttering and rapidly darting eyes and twitching in fingers and toes, which is out of their conscious mind.

According to Dr Eric Peral, some people even might see colors like vibrant blue, bright white, incandescent purple, and luminous gold. Most of these people claim that they have never seen these colors in their lives before. However, some people might not have any recognizable experience. Still, for others, it might come and go in episodes after hours or even days of going through a session. No matter what kind of experience people have, the results are remarkable and often long-lasting.


Discovered by Dr Eric Pearl, the reconnective healing practice is a practical, instant, and miraculous way of bringing harmony to one’s energies. It not only relieves stress, fear, and other negative emotions but has also been helpful in managing and treating various physical illnesses.

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