Dorn Spinal Therapy

22nd August 2022By DZ TeamHolistic Health

Dorn Spinal Therapy

Dorn Spinal Therapy – What is it?

Dorn Spinal Therapy is different than the traditional chiropractic treatment that uses sudden manipulative thrusts to re-position the vertebrae and joints and is completely passive. The process is not completely passive as it involves patients’ participation to correct these joint anomalies. It gives freedom to the patients to continue guided exercises at home as well.

You don’t always need pain killers to treat pain conditions. Sometimes getting to the root cause of the pain and correcting it can relieve pain without making you dependent on drug treatment. For example, pain in the neck, back, and legs can be caused by minor misalignments in your spinal vertebrae. In this scenario, the only way to permanently make this pain disappear would be to bring those misaligned vertebral back to their normal place.

The Dorn Spinal Therapy or the Dorn Method is a relatively new but safe and effective way of correcting these discrepancies. This therapy uses non-manipulative, gentle, dynamic movements to bring slipped vertebrae and joints back to their correct position and help eliminate pain. It also corrects functional leg length differences caused by joint malalignment.

What are the benefits of Dorn Spinal Therapy?

Although the Dorn Spinal Therapy's main focus is to correct the spine's alignment, this treatment consequently helps the body use its natural healing abilities more efficiently. The Dorn Method is not only effective in treating musculoskeletal conditions but can also benefit other aspects of human health.

The conditions that can be treated through this holistic mode of treatment include:


Fibromyalgia (chronic muscle pain)

Menstrual Pain


Back Pain

Neck Pain

Headaches and Migraines


Digestive Problems


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Knee pain

Elbow Pain


Jaw Pain and Discomfort

Leg Length Discrepancy

What Can I Expect from a Dorn Spinal Therapy Session?

The human body was designed and connected in such a way that each segment of the body is connected with the other. Any abnormal changes in one component can also lead to problems in the different parts. For example, if there is only a small length difference between our legs, it can lead to abnormal posture and pain in the spine, knee, and hips. The Dorn Spinal Therapy works on the same principle.

The qualified practitioner will start the Dorn Therapy session by assessing the length of your legs. You will be asked to get into a lying position to begin treatment. To correct the difference between both legs, the practitioner will flex your hip to 90 degrees, apply a firm but gentle downward push, and bring your leg back to the straight position. The practitioner will repeat this process a few times. They will teach you these exercises and provide you with a home plan.

After the leg length is adjusted, the practitioner will work on other areas, including:









Your practitioner will guide you about how many treatment sessions you will need to correct your misalignment. The number of sessions depends on your problem's severity. Sometimes it can take months to completely treat a condition. It is vital that you complete your therapy sessions as advised.


While other treatment options, like drug therapy, only provide symptomatic treatment, the Dorn Spinal Therapy or Dorn Method deals with the root of the problem. Commonly sought after due to its pain-relieving benefits, the Dorn Spinal Therapy has much more to offer. From alleviating pain to correcting structural abnormalities, this method helps people improve their quality of life.

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