Distance Healing

21st August 2022By DZ TeamHolistic Health

Distance Healing

Distance Healing – What is It?

Distance healing is the transfer of healing energy from a distance healing practitioner to a recipient, to balance the recipient’s energy and heal their mind, body, and soul. There is no time and distance limitation. The practitioner can be far away from the recipient but can still send energy.

Distance healing has different forms, including prayer, crystal healing, aura cleansing, and reiki.

What are the benefits of distance healing?

Reduce body tension

During remote healing sessions, you feel stress and tension leaving your body. You feel lighter and find it easier to connect with your inner self. This allows you to enjoy the current moment and a positive lifestyle.

Enhance immunity

It promotes natural healing and repair processes. The body begins to detoxify toxins and remove energies that are not required. It helps the body prevent illness, stress, and exhaustion.

Bring balance to life

Sometimes energy passageways can get blocked in the body, disturbing the normal flow of energy. It results in an imbalance in life. Remote healing sessions can help you open the closed passageways, improve energy flow, and bring balance back to life.

Achieve mental clarity

Remote healing sessions remove negative thoughts from the mind and give positive thoughts the right direction. You learn to live in the present moment and forget about past events. You find it easier to not worry about the future. You understand that anything that is meant for you will find you. Your mind gets more clear and focused.

Sleep better at night

Some people often sleep during distance healing sessions because of their soothing effect. These sessions put your mind and body in a state of relaxation. Your sleep-wake cycle rhythm may improve, and you sleep better at night.

What should I expect from a distance healing session?

There are different forms of performing a distance healing session. Many practitioners now perform these sessions over Zoom or similar apps. If you are attending a Reiki distance healing session, here is what you will experience.

Your practitioner will first inform you how energy will be transferred to you, and then they will ask you about your current mental and physical health state. You may perform a breathing exercise to relax your mind. The practitioner will tell you to lie down on the bed or anywhere else where you feel fully comfortable.

As the healing begins, you will hear the practitioner’s breathing sound, which will relax you further. You may feel your body areas tingle. After around one hour, the practitioner will bring you back to your room with their voice. You will wake up with mental clarity and a feeling of deep relaxation. The duration of the session can vary from 60 to 90 minutes.


There are numerous ways you can benefit from distance healing. Remember that it does not treat an illness; instead, it balances your mind, body, and soul by promoting energy flow and stimulating the immune system. It heals your mind, body and soul from the inside.

Distance healing is a powerful tool you can add to your self-care routine.


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