Color Therapy

16th August 2022By DZ TeamHolistic Health

Color Therapy

Color Therapy – What is This?

Color therapy is a treatment that uses colors and lights to heal different mental and physical health problems. It is not a new technique. It has a long history, and studies show Egyptians, Chinese, and Indians have been using it for centuries.

What are the benefits of Color Therapy?

Calm your mind and body

Certain colors like light purple, green, and blue produce a calming effect, helping the person improve mood, reduce stress, slow down breathing rate, and manage anxiety symptoms. During a color therapy treatment, your therapist may combine colors and other treatment methods such as acupressure to restore your energy and stabilize your mood.

Manage seasonal affective disorder

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) occurs due to the change in season. The main reason behind it is the lack of sunlight exposure. You spend very little time outdoors during winter, which increases your risk of developing depression.

The bright color of the sunlight produces a mood-boosting effect and regulates circadian rhythm. A color therapy treatment can produce the same effect by using light of different colors.

Improve your appetite

Colors like red, orange, and yellow can increase your level of motivation, which may increase your appetite and desire to reward yourself with healthy and delicious foods.

The color red may improve your sense of smell. On the other hand, blue may have the opposite effect and reduce your appetite. Different colors produce different psychological effects due to which restaurants use color schemes that attract their customers and increase their appetite.

Increase your energy and motivation

Warm colors, like red and yellow, increase energy levels. Red color can promote the production of adrenaline hormone (that boosts energy) and increase your heartbeat and even appetite. Similarly, yellow can improve your productivity, due to which, it is often suggested for people who lack motivation.

AΒ studyΒ indicates that art therapy that uses different colors helps patients having post-stroke disabilities find their purpose in life.

What should I expect from a Color Therapy session?

During a color therapy treatment, your therapist will use colors in different forms like colored lights or colored pieces of cloth in combination with a number of other techniques such as aromatherapy, massage, acupuncture, etc., to help you boost your mood and treat an ailment.

Your therapist will show you different colors and explain the effect of each, so that you can select a suitable color according to your needs. They may ask you to lie down, and then start projecting different colors of light on your body to stimulate its natural healing process. They may also place colored pieces of clothes on different body points that are believed to control your emotions and mood. By the end of the session, you will be less tense and more energized.


Color therapy is a painless procedure people have been using for centuries to elevate their mood, boost motivation, increase stamina, and encourage awareness. A color therapy session varies from therapist to therapist. Some may use only colors to improve your energy, while others may use additional methods, including body massage, aromatherapy, etc., to increase the effectiveness of the treatment.


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