Brain Gym

15th August 2022By DZ TeamHolistic Health

Brain Gym

Brain Gym – What is it?

Brain gym is a unique way of adapting your brain to reach its peak learning potential. The brain gym program consists of specialized exercises to stimulate the brain and enhance its activity by developing new neural connections. These exercises were initially designed for kids to help them learn fast but now are equally useful for individuals of all ages. Braingym can improve memory, cognition, attention, writing, listening, reading, academic performance, and even physical coordination. This program helps students with their academic journey and has been effective in delaying the symptoms of age-related memory deficit.

What are the benefits of Brain Gym?

Brain gym exercises create, restore or enhance natural neural pathways to improve mind and body coordination and make learning easier. It enhances an individual's comprehension, memory retention, executive functioning, organization, and communication.

No matter the age, the Brain Gym can help you to:

Become more organized and focused

Be smarter and sharper

Enhance your learning abilities

Deal with anxiety and stress in a healthy way

Appear more confident

Boost your self-esteem

Sharpen your thinking and decision-making senses

Enhance your attention

Strengthen your memory

Increase your sports performance

Restore your natural healing pathways or mechanisms

Create harmony between your brain and body

Make your eyesight better

Improve your communication skills

Cope positively with rejections and disappointments

Complete your tasks with ease

Help you with your learning disabilities, including dyslexia, attention deficit hyperactivity disease (ADHD), and attention deficit disorder (ADD), among others

Delay or improve the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, certain types of cancers, respiratory issues, cardiovascular diseases, and type 2 diabetes


The Brain Gym Program

While talking about our health, we often consider the brain and body separate entities. This mindset makes it difficult to believe that movement can impact our learning abilities. This is precisely the principle Braingym is based upon. Brain gym is an effective program that includes a simple set of exercises to help build new neural pathways and enhance coordination between two hemispheres of the brain. These newly built pathways can curb the negative emotions of anxiety and stress and improve coordination and cognition, leading to a well-balanced life.

What should I expect from a Brain Gym Session?

Your instructor can teach you different Brain Gym exercises depending on the results you are looking for. Different physical exercises serve different mental purposes. Most of these exercises are based on one of the three principles, focusing, centrality, and laterality.

The instructor will make a comprehensive assessment to look for the gaps in your motor skills that can hinder your learning. To fills these gaps, the instructor will devise a customized set of physical activities and exercises to target specific areas of the brain and build new and effective connections. For example, skipping crawling as a child can lead to psychomotor challenges and learning difficulties.

In case you are visiting the instructor for your child, you can discuss your concerns and describe to the instructor which area of your child's cognition you think is lacking. It will be helpful in selecting the most beneficial exercises for your child.

It is recommended that you drink plenty of water before your session for an optimal physical and mental state. A positive mindset is another crucial factor for the success of the Gym Brain session.


Brain Gym Exercises

Your instructor can guide you to perform several Brain Gym exercises, including:

Lazy 8

March in place

Cross crawl

Ankle touch

Neck circles

Brain button

Hook ups


Like with all other forms of physical therapies, the progress of Braingym is also slow. The good thing about this program is that once you have accurately identified the areas of trouble and chosen the right exercises, you can follow these exercises at home with ease and on your own.


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