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BodyTalk – What is This?

BodyTalk is a holistic therapy that focuses on healing the “whole person” rather than one particular problem. It can help you be more physically, spiritually, and emotionally stronger.

BodyTalk therapists believe that the human body has a strong healing system that can treat body issues better than the latest technologies used today. They combine different Western and Eastern medicine components to design a treatment plan that can help the person heal and grow.

What are the benefits of BodyTalk?

This approach claims to listen to the body, encourage its self-healing ability, and promote communication between different bodily functions.

Body Talk therapy can help you treat different physical and mental health issues, but it focuses more on healing the entire body (mind, body, and soul). It balances energy surface points and improves energy flow; as a result, the individual feels improvement in energy level, mood, muscle tension, and overall health of the body.

Here are the popular benefits of Body Talk therapy that you may experience after having your first session.

It connects your mind, body, and spirit and helps them synchronize their energies and abilities.

It uses different techniques to help you reduce your stress level and cope with it on a daily basis.

You become more conscious and aware of what is happening in life and how you can make it better. As a result, you may notice a change in your attitude and behavioral patterns.

Body Talk Therapy helps you improve your internal body processes, so that you can cope well with the external and internal disease causing elements, including bacteria, viruses, allergens, toxins, etc.

It promotes blood circulation, helping you heal muscle pain and stiffness from the inside.

Your eating habits improve as you become more conscious, and you notice an improvement in your weight. You notice a gain in weight if you are underweight and may notice a reduction in weight if you are overweight.

You learn to cope with stress disorders, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), adjustment disorder, and complex trauma disorder.

What should I expect from a BodyTalk session?

During BodyTalk therapy, your practitioner will ask you to lie down on a comfortable massage table or sit on a chair. You can have an online session as well, during which the practitioner may use a different protocol.

The practitioner then performs a muscle test to check your range of motion and see how many communication links within your body are out of balance. The practitioner will tap across hemispheres of your brain, over the tummy, and on the heart energy complex. The tapping helps the practitioner understand which areas of the body need attention. It also encourages the self-healing process.

During the session, you will feel an energy flowing throughout your body. Your muscles will relax, and you will feel calmer.


Body Talk therapy is a natural way of connecting your mind, body, and soul and using their power to heal from the inside. It does not target a single health concern; instead, it focuses on healing the “whole body.”


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