Autogenic Training

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Autogenic Training

Autogenic Training – What is it?

Autogenic training is a lesser-known but effective mind-body healing technique to induce relaxation. It is also called autogenics, autogenic therapy, or simply as "AT." The word autogenics means “self-regulated’ or self-generated." This technique allows you to take control of your body and help you to feel calm and relaxed. Autogenic training enables you to respond rationally to the overwhelming situations and control the feelings of sadness, stress, and frustration. This training uses verbal cues, breathing techniques, and meditation to help people deal with various symptoms. It can be used as a sole treatment option or in addition to another therapy like cognitive behavior therapy.

What are the benefits of Autogenic Training?

Autogenic training is believed to impact our parasympathetic system directly. Our parasympathetic system is associated with feelings of calm and relaxation. The parasympathetic system is known as the rest and digest system and most of the time, this system is at play. On the other hand, the sympathetic nervous system is associated with fight and flight response and is activated during stressful conditions. Autogenic training helps you condition your body to activate the parasympathetic system in these stressful situations and control negative emotions and feelings.

Besides promoting general relaxation, autogenic training can help you cope with various mood disorders. The conditions that autogenic training can treat include the following:




Tachycardia (racing heart)



Irregular heartbeat

Sleep disturbances

Chronic pain conditions

Raynaud’s disease


Addiction and substance abuse


Different phobias

Tension headaches

By effectively teaching you to cope with your negative emotions of fear and frustration, autogenic training protects your brain against the damaging effects of stress and anxiety. It also helps regulate endocrine and immune function along with the nervous system.

What should I expect from an Autogenic Training?

A typical autogenic training session begins with you choosing a comfortable position. You can carry out the autogenic session in a sitting, reclined, or lying position. Next, the trainer will guide your attention to your breathing and certain body parts by using specific verbal cues. These verbal cues aim to induce deep relaxation by encouraging the feeling of heaviness and warmth in your body. Your therapist can also guide you to say these verbal cues for self-guided relaxation, but this takes more practice.

Common verbal cues like “I am calm,” “my arms are heavy,” “my arms are warm,” “my heart beats calmly,” “my breathing is calm and regular,” etc, are used during the guided training. These verbal cues are used once or are repeated in a structured manner to get the desired effects. Different autogenic trainers can use slightly different verbal commands, but the main purpose and focus of them is the same.

The trainer will then help you end the session. A typical command that is used to cancel the session is “Arms firm – Breathe deeply – Open eyes.” Once you get a hold of this training, you can start performing this training at home.

Six Established Lessons

Autogenics work on six established lessons that divert your focus to certain sensations. These techniques include:

Feeling of heaviness

Feeling of warmth

The heart practice

Breathing practice

Abdominal practice

Head practice


Autogenics can help you lead a stress-free life while taking control of your own emotions. This training carries the additional benefit as it does not make you dependent on another individual for your treatment. Once you have mastered the technique, you can easily carry it out at your home.


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The Benefits of Beauty Therapies

Beauty therapy is defined as the provision of specialized services to improve the appearance and well-being of people.

This type of therapy has been helping people improve their physical, mental, and emotional health for hundreds of years. The first use of makeup and cosmetics was recorded around 7,000 years ago when Egyptian women used skin creams and castor oil for cosmetic purposes.

Beauty treatments are immensely popular all over the world as they offer benefits to almost everyone. Each treatment offers a different set of benefits, but they all work towards a common goal which is promoting overall well-being.

Here are the popular beauty therapies that you may find at a beauty salon.

Hair styling, colouring, and cutting

Hair removal through waxing, threading, and laser treatments

Nail art


Full-body massages

Makeup tattoos

Eyebrow tinting


Manicure and pedicure


Day spa treatments

Some beauty therapists offer a range of treatments while others are specialized only in one field, and they offer fewer treatment options. Beauty therapists have their salons or spas where people come to have the desired treatment. However, some beauty therapists offer at-home services as well.

Benefits of beauty therapies

Beauty therapies are liked in every part of the world and by people of all ages. From revitalizing the skin, removing unwanted body hair to boosting self-confidence, beauty therapies offer many diverse advantages.

Here are the key benefits of having beauty therapy.

Get rid of stress

In this fast-paced world, it is common for people of all ages to feel stressed out every now and then. Busy routines have made it hard for people to get time for themselves and take a break. This has made chronic stress one of the fastest-growing mental health issues.

Holistic beauty therapies such as aromatherapy can be the much-needed break that stressful people need. The pleasant aroma used during this treatment stimulates happy emotions in the body and creates a sense of calmness.

During a massage session, essential oils are rubbed on the body, which feels restorative and relaxing. The taut muscles get relaxed, and you become refreshed.

Tackle skin issues

Skin is the largest organ of your body, but unfortunately, it often gets neglected. When you do not take care of your skin the right way, you may develop skin breakouts, wrinkles, dark spots, and dryness. We wear our skin daily, so it deserves to be cherished and taken care of well.

Many beauty therapies target skin and improve its appearance in several ways. A simple face massage can restore hydration and nourish your skin. Scrubbing the skin can eliminate the dead skin cells and encourage the production of healthy new cells.

People even report improvement in their skin issues such as acne, psoriasis, etc., after beauty therapy.

Remove unwanted hair

Unwanted hair on the face, arms, and other parts of the body can hide your skin’s true beauty. You can get rid of these hairs through beauty therapies like laser hair removal treatment, waxing, threading, etc. They will give you the smooth and clean skin that you dream of having.

Improve your overall health

Beauty therapies include not only cosmetic services but also health-related services such as yoga, meditation, swimming, etc.

Essential oils that are used during aromatherapy possess medicinal properties such as antioxidant, antiviral, and antifungal. Therefore, when applied to the skin, these oils can help you fight off harmful microbes and damaging free radicals.

Body massages can also stimulate the blood circulatory system, meaning your skin gets healthy nutrients and oxygen to flourish and become healthy fast.

Look and feel good

Your outer beauty reflects your inner health. When you have peace of mind and take care of yourself every day, you start realizing your true value. You start seeing yourself in the mirror as a different person. You gain the lost confidence and start going towards your goals fast. This makes you feel your best.

The daily skincare routine will also show its amazing results after a short period. Your skin that once used to look dull and boring will now look alive and healthy. It will obviously boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression

Many people who have holistic beauty therapies like aromatherapy, yoga sessions, etc., say that they feel less anxious and depressed after these treatments.

Some essential oils like lavender are linked to the increased production of endorphins – stress-relieving hormones. This can help in managing the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Sometimes, beauty therapists also play the role of a holistic counsellor. They believe that to tackle an external issue, one must first address the inner issues. This way, they help their clients feel better not only from the outside but also from the inside.

Relieve body pain

Taut and stressed muscles fail to perform their normal functions; as a result, you become sluggish and fatigued.

Holistic beauty therapies can be highly effective in reducing muscle and joint pain, even in people who suffer from arthritis. If your muscles feel tired all the time due to your job or some other condition, getting a full body massage may help you get rid of this issue and feel lively again.

Improve your relationships

Holistic beauty therapies also play a significant role in improving relationships. When going to a day spa or a beauty salon, you can take your friend or relative (with whom your relationship is disturbed) with you. It will give you two an opportunity to spend some time together and resolve the issues.

You can also book a “couple spa appointment” to relax in a stress-free environment with your partner. Spending quality time together can help you strengthen your bond.

Holistic beauty therapies reduce your stress level and make you feel less tired and livelier. This allows you to be fresh and content when you are with your friends and family.

Boost your level of productivity

All the benefits of beauty therapies that we have mentioned above somehow play their role in boosting the level of productivity.

When you are less stressed and more confident, you stay motivated and energized. You feel mentally, physically, and emotionally stronger and healthier. Therefore, small hurdles do not slow you down anymore. You enjoy doing work because you no longer feel as fatigued and sleepless as you used to feel.

What type of beauty therapy is best for me?

As mentioned earlier, there are several kinds of holistic beauty therapies. Each therapy has its own advantages. You should select a therapy based on your health condition and basic needs. Here are the four best beauty therapies that you should try to feel less tense and more relaxed.


As the name suggests, aromatherapy is one of the holistic beauty therapies that involve the application of aromatic essential oils and similar compounds. These compounds are extracted from herbs, plants, and flowers. They are believed to help improve your spiritual, mental, and physical health.

Beauty therapy

Beauty therapy uses a wide array of techniques and treatments to make you look better. Its popular treatment options are manicure, pedicure, waxing, facials, massage, hair removal, hair colouring and cutting, etc. Beauty therapists offer their services in their salons or at the homes of the customers.

Day spas

Day spas are another popular example of beauty therapies that can help you become your better version. These spas offer different services and facilities to provide a relaxed and stress-free environment. The common spa services and facilities involve hot water baths, foot massage, meditation sessions, and gua sha.

Laser therapy

Laser therapy uses a laser beam of a specific frequency for different purposes, such as removing skin hair, restoring physical function, and reducing pain. It is a non-invasive surgical option preferred by those who don’t want their skins to be opened.

What to expect from a beauty therapist?

Beauty therapists offer numerous services. When you go to a beauty salon, you name the treatment that you want to have. The specialists then conduct the procedure using different beauty products, techniques, and sometimes devices.

If you do not know which treatment is right for you out of the several options, you can ask the beauty therapists to help you figure it out. For this, you will have to tell her/him your beauty- or health-related needs and requirements. The therapist will then suggest the best possible solutions to help you meet your beauty goals.

Summing it up

Holistic beauty therapies help people become healthier and stronger from the outside in. They can minimize the appearance of skin issues and make your skin look lively. A clearer and protected skin has a low risk of the development of skin diseases like skin cancer.

In addition to that, these therapies can make your mind, body and spirit their better versions that you want to have.

In this busy world, it is important to take a break, sit back, and take a deep breath to maintain your health. Therefore, you should invest in yourself while your health is in good condition.

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