Addiction Coach

15th August 2022By DZ TeamHolistic Health

Addiction Coach

Addiction Coach – What is it?

An addiction coach is a professional who can help people to get an addiction free life. Their role extends beyond making the person give up an addiction. They offer help and encouragement to their clients to stay clear of that addiction, make sound decisions, pursue their goals, and build a better life for themselves. Additionally, they can offer help you fight both physical and behavioral addictions including:



Prescription Drugs


Food Addiction

Sex addiction

Pornography addiction

Gambling addiction

Work addiction

How is an Addiction Coach Different from a Therapist?

Therapists, that can include psychiatrists, psychologists, and mental health counselors, are trained professionals who help people recognize mental health symptoms, diagnose addictive behaviors and patterns, and offer treatment. These therapists work through counseling or talk therapy to help their clients identify their cognitive problems, irrational thought processes, and abnormal coping mechanisms.

On the other hand, an addiction coach provides strength-based support. They help their client recognize their triggers, teach them effective coping strategies, help them make sound decisions, and enable them to reach their goals. In addition, an addiction coach can also play a role in their clients’ general life issues like academics, professional life, social life, and daily routine in a way that improves the overall quality of their life.

What are the benefits of an Addiction Coach?

Addiction treatment is a way of providing tools and guidance to help you make decisions that will encourage you lead a life free of any addiction. An addiction coach can offer the following:

Provide you advice that serves your needs in a precise manner

Be a source of unbiased suggestions

Help you develop new and better behavioral patterns

Assist in the prevention of harmful addictive behaviors

Develop better coping strategies

Assist you in making sense of the overwhelming information regarding your addiction recovery

Empower you to build a strong social support network to cope with the feeling of loneliness

Get you back to your independent and addiction-free life by providing the support you need

Help you find activities to bring a positive change

Give you feedback on your behavior and help to fine-tune it

What should I expect from a consultation with an Addiction Coach?

The addiction coach can carry out the addiction treatment in a number of ways. You will be assessed on an individual level and see what approach will work best for you.

A coach can carry out the addiction treatment by meeting the clients in person, or they can provide an online consultation using video calling. In terms of availability, they can either opt for a 24/7 support system or provide weekly consultations.

In a weekly meeting, your addiction coach will ask about the history of your addiction. This will help them understand your perspective on addiction and recovery. Depending on this history session, they will devise an individualized plan for you and set goals to help you get back to a healthy life. This will also include creating a step-by-step strategy to follow these plans in a progressive manner. You will also have follow-up sessions to see your progress and make an assessment if the treatment plan is working or not. Your addiction coach might make changes in the plan based on your progress.


Making a decision to give up an addiction is not an easy fate. You will need all the support you can get, and the addiction coach is the specific professional who can provide this support in the best manner. Getting addiction treatment can help you set achievable goals and break them down so you can work on them in a realistic and progressive way.


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