Swedish Relaxation Massage

Swedish Relaxation Massage – What is it?

Swedish relaxation massage was developed by a Swedish instructor who cured his injured elbow using tapping strokes in the 1800s.

It is a gentler form of muscle massage in which pressure is applied to different body parts or sometimes the whole body to release muscle tension. It is performed like a traditional massage, and the therapist uses a combination of various techniques based on your preferences.

What does this massage do to your body?

A Swedish relaxation treatment can improve your overall well-being in several ways. Its main advantages are explained below.

Stimulate different nerves

Swedish relaxation treatment can reduce muscle discomfort and pain by stimulating different nerves. The therapist applies low to the high pressure during a massage treatment, which stimulates nerves present in different body parts.

Relax muscles and joints

One of the most liked benefits of this massage is its ability to relax your muscles and joints and increase their range of motion. It removes tension from muscles and allows them to move in several directions freely.

Feel happy and positive

This massage can elevate your mood and make you feel happy by naturally increasing the synthesis of happy hormones in your body. It can also make you feel positive by diminishing the formation of stress hormones.

Relieve tension

Muscle knots can feel painful when touched or moved. Swedish relaxation treatment can open these knots by increasing the temperature of the muscles. It can further reduce tension linked to knots and adhesions.

Promote lymph drainage

Your lymphatic system naturally releases a fluid called lymphatic fluid in its surrounding tissues. This fluid moves when you move your muscles. However, if you do not use your muscles as much as you should be using, the lymphatic fluid can accumulate in your muscles which may lead to toxin accumulation. It can induce muscle swelling and soreness. This massage can significantly promote lymph drainage and reduce muscle swelling.

What to expect from a Swedish relaxation treatment session?

During a the massage, your whole body is massaged. You will lie down either on your back or on your stomach. Then the therapist will ask you to flip when one side of the body has been massaged.

Oil or lotion will be applied to your skin to make smooth strokes. The therapist will start massaging the whole body. You can also request him or her to massage a particular area, such as a tense neck, more than the other parts. The therapist will apply pressure of varying degrees on your muscles to eliminate stress and tension. If you think the pressure is too much for you, you can ask the therapist to reduce it.


A Swedish relaxation treatment is one of the most common forms of massages in the world. It is suitable for people who spend most of their time sitting on a chair or those who exercise often. It can help release tension and restore muscle movement in the neck, shoulders, lower back, and legs.

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