Stone Therapy Massage

Stone Therapy Massage – What is it?

Stone therapy massage, (as the name indicates), is a form of massage in which hot, flat and smooth stones are placed on different parts of the body to relax tense body muscles. Typically basalt stones, that have high iron content, are used in it as they can retain heat.

At times, a hot stone massage therapist can also use cold stones after hot stones in order to soothe the skin and calm blood vessels.

What are the health benefits of stone therapy massage?

A stone therapy massage can have the following mental and physical health benefits:

Combat stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety have become very common health concerns. People may take medications to get rid of them, but one of the best natural ways of combating these problems is hot stone massage.

In aΒ study, researchers found out that a 15-minute chair massage during office break reduced the stress level of workers compared to the same duration office break without massage.

Ease muscle tension and ache

People have long been using heat to reduce muscle pain and restore movement. It encourages blood circulation and helps the affected area get more oxygen as well as essential nutrients that it requires for recovery.

Cold therapy is also helpful in reducing swelling and inflammation. Your therapist may use both cold and hot stones alternatively during hot stone therapy to relieve muscle pain, tension, and swelling.

Improve your immune system

This massage can also boost your immune system, making you capable of fighting different microbes and health problems.
It is believed that during a massage session, stress level declines, blood circulation increases, and the production of hormones that support the immune system increases. All these changes contribute to the improvement in immune function.

Have more restorative sleep

Many people do not get to sleep 7 to 8 hours per day, due to which they become less productive and active the next day.Β Studies illustrate that massage therapies, including stone therapy massage and other popular forms of massage, can promote restorative sleep in people who are suffering from insomnia. Some experts also believe that it can be a great natural alternative to sleeping pills.

What should I expect from this massage?

During a hot stone massage, you will lie down on a table in your massage robe or a towel. The massage therapist will use different techniques to relax your muscles. He will pour oil on your skin and start massaging the skin with or without stones. He will then place hot stones on different body parts such as the backbone, face, hands, feet, chest, and stomach.

The therapist may end your massage by placing cold stones on different body parts to relax and soothe the skin.

The wrap up

Stone therapy massage is an old technique used to ease stressed or damaged muscles. It uses hot flat stones that allow deeper penetration of heat and relaxation of muscles.


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