Magnetic Field Therapy

Magnetic Field Therapy – What is This?

Magnetic field therapy, also called pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, uses magnets to stimulate your body cells and improve your overall health. In this therapy, magnetic energy is sent to your body. It starts working with your body’s energy to improve healing. It brings electrical changes in your cells that influence cellular metabolism.

It is based on the belief that each cell in your body has its own magnetic field, which gets disturbed due to stress and similar factors. Therefore, when you apply a magnetic field from an external source, the body’s natural magnetic field gets harmonized again.

What are the benefits of Magnetic Field Therapy?

Relieve pain

Pulsed electromagnetic therapy is popularly used to relieve pain. In a study, researchers gave this therapy to patients with fibromyalgia for up to six months. By the end of the research, they noticed a reduction in the pain intensity and improvement in the functional status of the participants.

Reduce symptoms of insomnia

Insomnia is a sleep disorder that is becoming more common with time. Lack of quality sleep for a prolonged period, can have a negative influence on your overall health. It makes you feel tired and exhausted, and it also slows down the natural healing process of your body.

Studies show that this therapy can help people suffering from insomnia to reduce sleep latency, daytime headaches, and daytime sleepiness.

Improve symptoms of depression

Depression symptoms may also be relieved with the help of this therapy. It stimulates nerve cells in the brain and helps body tackle depression symptoms.

Studies show that it is more effective for people who do not show a response to medicines and other treatments that are used for depression.

Help manage cancer symptoms.

The therapy may be effective in reducing cancer. In a mouse study, cancer cells were injected into the mice. Their tumor size reduced when they received magnetic field therapy, and their cancer cells started dying due to the natural cell death process. The exact relation between the death of cancer cells due to this therapy is not understood now, but it is believed magnetic field can help with cancer control.

What should I expect from a Magnetic Field Therapy session?

During a pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, your therapist will explain the whole procedure and its effects. You will be asked to either sit on a chair or lie down on a table, depending on the type of magnetic field therapy you are going to receive.

An electromagnetic coil will be positioned on your head to produce an electromagnetic field. One magnetic field therapy session takes 30 to 40 minutes. You may feel a little dizzy and nauseous after having this therapy.


This type of therapy is done to harmonize the magnetic fields produced by different cells and molecules in your body. It shows positive effects on human health. Studies prove that it may reduce the symptoms of depression, insomnia, and acute pain when applied correctly. It may also help in reducing tumor size.


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