Kinesiology – What is This?

Kinesiology is a non-invasive technique in which muscle testing is performed to help muscles restore their activity and perform better. It is believed that our muscles are connected to energy pathways, organs, and glands in different ways. Therefore, if a muscle experiences an issue, it affects the connected organ as well.

In kinesiology, gentle pressure is applied to muscles to open energy pathways and help the body use its natural healing power to restore muscle activity and performance. Kinesiology improves not only physical health but also mental and emotional health.

What are the benefits of Kinesiology?

Kinesiology near me can benefit you in multiple ways. Some of its prominent benefits are:

Find out muscle imbalance

Physical imbalance can affect your body in different ways. It can reduce your range of motion, cause pain when a certain muscle is moved, produce muscle spasms, and eventually reduce the performance of other organs as well.

A kinesiologist can help you identify the cause of muscle imbalance and eradicate it to improve your muscular performance and activity level.

Monitor muscle performance

In Kinesiology, your therapist will analyze the performance of more frequently used muscles, such as the neck, leg, or arm muscles. Your muscles will be massaged. As a result, their fluid movement will improve. All the stress hormones, toxins, and negative energy accumulated in the muscles will be released.

Reduce pain

One of the most liked benefits of this therapy is its ability to reduce pain. When your muscles are used more frequently, they may develop pain due to the accumulation of toxins and waste materials. A Kinesiologist applies pressure on these muscles to regulate the vital life energy force and let the body use its own healing abilities to tackle pain.

People often report improvement in their headaches, neck pain, and back pain after receiving kinesiology near me.

Identify nutritional needs

A kinesiologist will analyze your body’s reaction to certain movements to identify the source of mental or physical needs. They will then suggest you improve your health by using energies stored in healthy foods that can work with your body to make your mental, physical, and spiritual health better.

What should I expect from a Kinesiology session?

During your first session with a kinesiologist, your muscle performance is analyzed with the help of muscle tests. The therapist asks you questions about your medical history, lifestyle and health problems you are currently experiencing. You’ll be asked to move your limbs and other muscles in specific directions, and then gentle pressure will be applied on them (to monitor your body’s reaction).

Once the kinesiologist has identified the problem, they’ll devise a kinesiology plan, according to your needs. This plan will include certain lifestyle changes, relaxation techniques, nutritional supplements, and natural food items.

When you search for ‘kinesiology near’ me on Google, make sure you verify the qualification and experience of the kinesiologist before selecting them.


Kinesiology is a technique you can use to improve your muscle performance and overall health. It is known to reduce headaches, back pain, and neck pain. It can also help you identify the underlying cause of the decline in muscular health.


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