Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage – What is it?

Indian Head Massage is focused on hair health particularly but also targets shoulders, upper arms, ears, scalp, neck, upper back, and face. The secret is in the name, and gentle rhythmic movements are performed on the pressure points known as β€œMarma points” and guarantee the release of stress and tension from both mind, body, and spirit. The massage yields instant results, which is why it is very popular among the masses.

This massage originated in India some 1000 years ago and is based on the ancient Ayurvedic healing system. Initially, the massage was done using the healing Ayurvedic oils but nowadays the use of oils has become optional.



There is a reason why Ayurvedic medicine is popular around the globe. The results are quite promising and have a long-lasting effect. Here are the top benefits of the massage:

Relieves strain from the eyes resulting from excessive screen time.

Improves sleep patterns and relieves insomnia.

Refreshes and relaxes both mind and the body.

Gives a powerful boost to the immune system.

Reduces stress and anxiety levels.

Provides relief from headaches and migraines.

Stimulates hair growth and scalp health.

Tones and relaxes all the facial muscles removing knots.

Helps in lymphatic as well as blood circulation.

Gives relief from sinusitis.



This unique head massage is tailor-made to relieve tension and stress from the mind and the body. The Indian Head Massage Therapist uses gentle and controlled movements during the massage.

The massage has a long-lasting effect on the three higher chakras in the body which are mind, spirit, and body. When done in repetitive sessions, you will be delighted to experience the healthy effects on the body.

The session often lasts for at least thirty minutes but can be extended as per the client’s demands. Expect to be fully clothed and seated during the massage session. The Indian massage therapist will stand behind or on one side of the client to perform the massage. Usually, the Indian massage technique is coupled with other therapies and a treatment course is recommended often in case of some complex health conditions.



Relieve tension and stress while balancing your chakras with the help of this massage that dates back to almost 1000 years ago. Having originated from Ayurvedic medicine, the Indian Head Massage is a popular and result-oriented practice across the globe.

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