Holistic Dentistry

Holistic Dentistry – What is it?

Holistic dentistry, also called alternative dentistry, is based on the belief that your dental health is connected to your whole body health. It means a holistic dentist works on all aspects of your health in order to treat your oral health problems. They use natural treatments, including spiritual healing, herbology, aromatherapy, and Ayurveda, to optimize your well-being.

What are the benefits?

Eliminates the root cause

A dental problem can reappear after being treated. This happens when a dentist treats only the superficial problem, not the underlying cause.

In holistic dentistry, both, your dental problem and its root cause are treated, which makes sure that the problem never happens again.

Works on total body health

One of the main benefits is that it focuses on your whole body to treat your oral health issues. Like general dentistry, it does not use the drill-and-fill-it approach. Your treatment plan is designed while considering all aspects of your health.

So, in addition to receiving dental services, you also get expert advice about improving your diet, weight management, sleep pattern, and lifestyle habits.

Minimally invasive treatment options

When searching "holistic dentist near me" on the internet, keep in mind that all holistic dentists try their best to maintain as much natural tooth material as possible. The more tooth material you have, the more effective and stronger your tooth will be. Holistic dentistry methods are also less painful and more effective.

Uses non-toxic materials

Many traditional dentistry materials contain mercury that may enter your body and accumulate over time, leading to serious diseases.

In contrast, holistic dentistry uses tooth filling and crown materials that are free of mercury and other toxic elements, making it a safer option to treat dental problems.

Gives lasting results

Since holistic dentistry treats the root cause of the problem, your chances of having the same dental problem after months or years of the treatment decline greatly.

Results of holistic dentistry focus on both the functionality and appearance of your teeth. People feel more confident and healthier after having a holistic dentistry treatment.

What should I expect from a holistic dentistry session?

People looking for a “holistic dentist near me” should know that a holistic dentist will ask them different questions during their first session to diagnose the issue. The holistic dentist will ask you about your eating habits, past dental problems, food choices, etc. Once they have diagnosed the true problem, they’ll move towards the treatment.

Holistic dentists create a treatment plan according to your problem and its cause. They avoid fluoride treatments and mercury-containing amalgams. Instead, they prefer homeopathy and herbs that are free of toxic materials. A holistic dentist near me also offers education and promotes personal oral hygiene so that you can avoid oral problems in the future.


Holistic dentistry uses natural remedies to treat a number of dental problems. If you like alternative medicine or conventional medicine is not helping you with your dental problem, holistic dentistry may be the best natural treatment option for you.


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