Energy Healing

Energy Healing – What is This?

Energy healing is a holistic approach used to connect with the inner energy and activate your body’s energy systems to eliminate blocks that have been disturbing the normal flow of energy. When you open these blocks, your body’s innate ability to heal itself improves, helping you shift your emotional, mental, and physical dysfunction.

A pranic healer uses various energy healing techniques, including reiki, therapeutic touch, crystal healing, qigong, color therapy, sound therapy, etc.

What are the benefits of Energy Healing?

Supports the immune system and removes toxins

Energy healing reminds your body of its self-healing abilities. As a result, your body recognizes its role and starts removing toxins and useless energy. Your immune system gets stronger. Its ability to fight off pathogens and prevent illnesses increases.

Balances body, mind, and spirit

When your life energy does not flow properly in the body, you feel stressed, lack mental clarity, and feel spiritually disturbed. Positive energy fails to flow, and you experience mood swings, anger issues, fear, and anxiety. A pranic healer uses techniques that open your blocked energy pathways and unlock energy flow. They connect your body, mind, and spirit and balance their energies.

Makes you more focused

Through healing, the receiver learns to stay in the present moment and enjoy it. The flow of positive energy helps you to avoid negative thoughts related to the mistakes made in the past. You will also not worry about the future so much. You’ll have a clearer mind and stay more focused - making it easier for you to achieve goals in life.

Releases tension from muscles

During an energy healing session with a pranic healer, you’ll feel pure relaxation for a couple of minutes. The tension that builds up in your mind and body due to daily stress is released. You feel lighter and peaceful, making you connect with your inner self and find where it needs help.

What should I expect from an Energy Healing session?

During a session, you be asked to either lie down on a therapy table or sit on a comfortable chair. The healer will ask you about your health condition and they’ll find out what you want to improve through this session.

Your healer will then start connecting with their internal self and inner energy. You may feel that they have entered a meditative state. Then, they’ll start scanning your energy field to detect energy imbalance. After this they will move their hand above your body’s surface to find the area that requires attention.

Once the problem is identified, the healer will select a suitable technique and starts working on removing the energy block. A full-body energy healing session can last from 40 to 90 minutes. A session for a specific body part or injury takes less time.


Energy healing is a way of connecting with your inner self and opening energy pathways to encourage positive energy flow. Your body heals you mentally, physically, and spiritually to improve your overall health. You become more focused and start living in the present rather than worrying about the past or future.

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