Energetic Medicine

The Benefits of Energetic Medicine

Energetic medicine is a complementary and alternative medicine. It has been used by many for centuries, due to its beneficial effects. Energetic medicine uses different techniques and methods, but the goal of each technique is the same, which is to restore the natural energy of the body and support the natural healing process.

Techniques of energetic medicine produce many effects such as reduction in stress, alleviation of pain, improvement in quality of sleep, reduction in signs of depression, and much more.

This article highlights the key benefits of energetic medicine. It also explains different energy medicine techniques you can use to improve your overall health.

What is energetic medicine?

Energetic medicine is a form of alternative therapy. It is based on the belief that your body has a vital force that runs through it and controls your body’s health and healing abilities. When this force gets disturbed or imbalanced, you develop an illness or experience a health issue.

Energetic medicine aims to restore and balance the flow of healing energy within the body using different techniques. It is mainly used to manage stress, eliminate pain, promote your overall health, and strengthen your energy body.

What are the benefits of energetic medicine?

Improve mood and well-being

Humans interact with various internal and external stressors every day that can disturb our moods, increase stress levels, and lead to mental health issues if the interaction is prolonged.

Energetic medicine techniques such as reiki, crystal healing, etc., help you manage those stressors better, boost your mood, and develop a positive outlook.

Promote balance and harmony

Vital energy is critical to well-being. Any disturbance in its flow can make you ill, stressed, and tense. Energetic medicine can help you restore this energy and regain balance to improve your mental, physical, and spiritual health. Your thoughts, emotions, and feelings will also gain balance.

Promote the body’s natural healing abilities

The normal flow of healing energy throughout the body can strengthen your natural healing process and help your body heal itself on its own without using modern technologies that are used in Western medicine to improve health.

Sleep better at night

Stress, tension, anxiety and negative energy are some common elements that have disturbed the health of a large human population. Constant disturbance in sleep can lead to disorders like insomnia.

Maintaining the flow of healing energy and removing stressors and toxins from the body through energetic medicine techniques is a great way to improve your night’s sleep and prevent sleep-related disorders.

More relaxation and less stress

Energetic medicine techniques can remove toxins and negative energy from your body, which may induce calmness and relaxation. You also learn to cope well with the daily stress.

Pain management

Gentle touch, rub, or pressure on energy centers located in different body parts can help you reduce acute as well as chronic pain. They remove the underlying cause of the pain, which can be the accumulation of chemicals, blockage of energy, etc. As a result, your pain diminishes, and the overall health of your energy body improves.

Improve symptoms of certain health problems

Restoration and redistribution of healing energy through energetic medicine techniques can be effective in dealing with physical symptoms of some health issues, including:




Sleep disorders

Digestive disorders



Support immune system

Healing energy stimulates your body’s ability to heal and repair itself. It encourages blood circulation and other functions of the body that collectively support your immune system and help you prevent diseases or reduce the symptoms of the illness you are suffering from.

What type of energetic medicine is best for me?

There is a wide variety of energetic medicine techniques. Each technique uses a different method, but their goal is the same, which is to restore body energy. Here are a few energy therapies you can use to heal yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Access Bars

It is a form of energetic medicine in which 32 energy centers/bars located on the head are unlocked with a gentle touch. Once they are unlocked, energy flows throughout the body and stimulates the natural healing abilities of the body.

Bio Feedback

In this energy therapy, you learn to control your body’s involuntary functions like heartbeat, blood pressure, etc. It is a mind-body technique, meaning you use your mind’s power to understand what’s happening inside the body and then control the body using that power. It is often used to treat migraines, high blood pressure, and chronic pain.


It uses proven principles of energetic medicine to activate the body’s healing system. It focuses on improving the health state of the whole organism, including its soul, mind, and body, rather than working on only one part.

Color Therapy (Chromotherapy)

Color therapy, also known as chromotherapy, involves the usage of different colors and lights to heal a person mentally and physically. It is believed that each color produces a particular feeling or emotion that can help a person heal.

Craniosacral Therapy

In this therapy, gentle pressure is applied to the compressions in the bones of the head, neck, and spinal cord. It encourages the flow of healing energy and releases tension and stress from the head, neck and back.

Crystal Healing/Therapy

Crystals and stones possess therapeutic powers. That power is utilized to open any of the 7 closed chakras and help your energy body improve its health and prevent illnesses.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

It allows you to manage your anxiety, stress, trauma, and similar conditions. In it, you tap, rub, or press the acupressure points on your body to open the blocked pathways of the natural energy of the body. As a result, you gain energy balance and get the power to control your emotions and feelings.

Energy Alignment Method

It is a self-help technique consisting of 5 simple steps. You ask yourself different questions to identify the negative thought that is disturbing you, and then release the negative energy or emotion you want to get rid of. You reprogram yourself and form a new flow state around the thought/emotion/feeling you want to handle.

Energy Healing

As the name suggests, the main goal of this energetic medicine technique is to heal and balance your natural energy. It eliminates energy locks that prevent the normal energy flow and helps you gain a strong energy body.

Feng Shui

It is a traditional Chinese energy therapy in which you create balance with your surroundings. The balance or harmony produces a positive influence on your life and health. Disturbance of this balance can have the opposite effect.


Earth has natural energy and electrical charges that can travel through the human body when we have direct contact with the surface of the earth. Earth’s power can produce a positive effect on your psychological as well as physical health.

Jin Shin Jyutsu

Your body has 26 energy safety locks that manage the flow of natural energy. They should always stay open to allow the normal energy flow and balance. In this energetic medicine therapy, light finger pressure is applied to help you open these locks and maintain the normal flow.


This energy therapy focuses on the movement of muscles and the body. A kinesiologist identifies the blocked energy pathways along with your muscles and then applies gentle pressure on muscles to open blocked pathways and allow the body to heal itself.

Magnetic Field Therapy

It involves the application of a magnetic field to treat certain illnesses such as arthritis pain. It is believed that your body's cells and molecules also produce a magnetic field. This energy therapy is used to balance your body’s magnetic field.

Polarity Therapy

Polarity therapy is another energy therapy in which the practitioner uses a variety of techniques such as yoga, exercise, nutrition, and hands-on techniques to restore your natural energy and improve your overall health. Your energy body gains strength and power to heal itself on its own.


It is a hands-on energy healing therapy used to promote relaxation and reduce stress. In it, the practitioner places their hand either above your body or on your body’s surface in certain locations. The practitioner transfers energy from their body to help you heal better.

Therapeutic Touch

Therapeutic touch is another energetic medicine technique in which healing energy is restored and balanced. The therapist may place his hand on or near certain parts of your body to interact with the energy field and direct it to achieve an energy balance.

Touch for Health

In this form of healing energy therapy, the therapist uses massage and acupressure to reduce mental or physical tension and stress. Your natural energy starts flowing smoothly throughout the body, and you become relaxed and calm. It is also used to reduce acute or chronic pain.


Energetic medicine has many health benefits you can take advantage of. Its different techniques are beneficial in their own way. Some are effective in reducing pain, while others may help you sleep better at night. You can use these therapies as complementary therapies if you are already going through a biomedical therapy to improve the effects of therapies.


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