Ear Candling

Ear Candling – What is it?

Ear candling is a practice in which a hollow, long, lit candle is inserted into the ear to remove earwax and impurities and treat certain health conditions. Its proponents believe that it can help treat serious ear issues. However, no scientific data proves the effectiveness.

What are the benefits?

Ear candling may offer the following benefits.

Removes wax

Earwax buildup may cause trouble in hearing. That is why the ear candling procedure is used to help people remove the earwax and maintain hearing. It removes wax by creating suction inside the ear.

However, some ear wax candle mythbusters say that the creation of suction with the help of a candle does not make sense. There is currently no scientific data that proves this ability of ear candling procedure.

Reduces ear aches

It may help in reducing ear aches. Ear candling therapists claim that the procedure can reduce sinus pressure (that develops when membranes around the nasal passageway become swollen). When the pressure reduces, ear ache naturally starts declining.

In addition to earwax, this procedure may also help in removing other impurities. It may reduce bacterial or viral buildup, too. When you remove impurities and germs from your ears, your chances of developing an ear infection reduce greatly.

Ear wax candle mythbusters claim that mere heat cannot treat bacterial and viral ear infections. People should consult a qualified doctor to get proper treatment for an ear infection.

Feel calmer and happier

Ear candling may help people rebalance their mental state. Its practitioners claim that ear candling can purify the blood and remove waste materials that negatively influence the balance of the mental state. Rebalancing the mental state can make the person feel calmer and happier.

Many ear wax candle mythbusters say that candle heat cannot purify blood or remove its toxins. Science also does not prove this benefit.

What should I expect from an ear candling session?

When you go for a session, the therapist does a physical examination of your ear and asks you if you have any issues. They’ll request that you lie down on the table. They will then apply ear relief oil inside the ear to make the process comfortable for you. After this, they’ll insert the candle inside the ear and light it.

You may hear cracking and popping sounds. You may also experience heat buildup inside the ear. If the heat buildup becomes too much to bear, you can ask the therapist to stop the procedure. People who successfully complete the session may have clear hearing due to the removal of earwax.

The whole session can take up to one hour. The therapist may burn one candle for each ear.


People use ear candling to get rid of ear aches, remove ear impurities and earwax. However, the procedure is not supported by scientific evidence. You should talk to an expert before trying ear candling for an ear infection or any other serious ear-related issue.


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