Corporate Yoga

Corporate Yoga – What is it?

Corporate Yoga is a wellness program for people working in stressful corporate environments. This Yoga aims to help corporate staff manage their stress effectively and provides a means to personal and professional growth.

Corporate life is all about meeting deadlines, making strategies, hours of working on excel sheets, and making quick decisions. A significant percentage of people working in this competitive work environment become stressed and anxious. Constant stress does not only affect their mental health, but long working hours leave a negative impact on their physical well-being as well. Corporate Yoga is an excellent way of driving this stress away.

What are the benefits of Corporate Yoga?

It can be beneficial for employees in the following ways:

Reduces stress and anxiety

Improves concentration

Polishes decision-making skills

Enables them to multitask without making errors

Enhances alertness

Improves energy

Boosts self-confidence

Better posture

Increases immunity

Lessons irritability

Enhances productivity

Helps you manage stressful situations calmly

This type of Yoga can help relieve symptoms of the following conditions:


○ Back pain

○ Neck pain

○ Carpal tunnel syndrome

○ Insomnia

○ High blood pressure

○ Work-related injuries

The benefits of Office Yoga are not limited to the employees, but the company can also have the following gains:

Lowered health-related costs

Higher work productivity

A well-harmonized work environment

Fewer disability claims

Improved customer service

An overall joyful and stress-free work environment

What should I expect from a Corporate Yoga session?

Office Yoga sessions take place in a quiet and comfortable environment. You are recommended to wear loose and comfortable clothing and bring a large towel with you. There are no age restrictions for this type of yoga, and employees of all ages can participate. You also do not need prior experience to start participating in yoga sessions. An average session can take up to an hour. Sessions can be conducted before work, during lunch breaks, or after work. Corporate yoga sessions can take many forms, including retreats, workshops, seminars, or ongoing classes. Some companies can also avail the option of online yoga sessions. These classes are tailored according to individual needs.

Corporate Yoga is a comprehensive approach where you can learn the following components:


You will learn Asanas or Yoga Poses to put a stretch on your muscles in a particular way. This stretch can take the stress away and make you feel relaxed. Learning and practicing Asanas can make you more agile and robust.


Your yoga session can include meditation to guide your mind towards deep relaxation. It frees you from mental stress and helps you achieve a state of calmness.


Deep breathing techniques or Pranayama are a wonderful way of rejuvenating your mind and body. Practicing deep breathing can leave you feeling rejuvenated for the day.


Office yoga sessions are also about learning the spiritual wisdom behind yoga. Your instructor will teach you how yoga can bring a positive change to your day-to-day life.


Mudras are specific hand gestures that are linked with deep and even breathing. This technique is a way of balancing five elements of the body and harmonizing the brain and body. Practicing Mudras is a way of living a well-balanced life.

Yogic Cleansing

Your Corporate Yoga session will include several cleansing techniques to clear your body of harmful toxins. This particular session aspect primarily focuses on clearing your respiratory and digestive system.


Getting your employees engaged in regular yoga practice is not only good for their mental and physical well-being but is equally beneficial for the company’s growth. Several studies have proved the benefits of Yoga in terms of low healthcare costs and enhanced productivity.

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