Corporate Massage

Corporate Massage – What is it?

Corporate massage is a type of massage which is offered at the workplace. Most commonly, a corporate massage is given as a reward to the employees from the boss, to boost their morale. Qualified massage practitioners visit the workplace with their tools and offer shiatsu along with remedial massage. The massage is focused on the neck, shoulders, and back, and is done with the aim to encourage the well-being of the employees.



Also known as onset massage or office massage, the benefits of it are no less than a traditional massage in the spa. The only difference is that the corporate massage happens at the workplace and you don’t have to make a trip to the spa. In addition to that, the novel massage is quite easy on the budget. This is a great opportunity for the procrastinators who could never take out time for scheduling an appointment at the spa! Corporate massage services also works as a magic tool to boost loyalty at the workplace.


Here are the top benefits:

1- Stress Reduction:

The first and foremost benefit of the seated massage therapy is reduction in stress levels. This has been backed by a study carried out on the nurses working at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Moreover, another study showed a reduction in workplace stress levels by a whopping 85%.


2- Tension & Pain Relieving:

Back pain is another main target of office massage. Studies have shown a drastic decrease in back pain and tension in muscles.


3- Reduced Healthcare Costs

As regular corporate massage services are given to employees, this results in less frequent visits to the doctor. So, employers will see a drastic drop in healthcare costs.


4- Increased Productivity:

Corporate massages have been shown to bring a drop in stress levels, reduction in muscle tension as well pain. The result - increases productivity at the workplace and rejuvenating the minds and bodies of the employees.


5- Retention of Top Talent

This massage service is often offered to the top talents of the company. This works as an appreciation for them, and they tend to stick around longer!



A typical chair massage lasts up to 15 minutes. The practitioner will bring in the tools required for the office massage. You will be fully clothed and there won’t be any lotion or oil used during the massage.

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