Connective Tissue Massage

Connective Tissue Massage – What is it?

Connective tissue massage is not an average massage, and it is considered ideal for those who like firm pressure. In this massage the massage practitioner will massage deep lying skin layers. This is done to alleviate muscle tension and reduce chronic pain. Also known as Myofascial release, the massage involves a soft tissue manipulation technique that is done for the sole purpose of releasing “old trauma” of the body.

Connective tissues run across the entire body and perform important functions like protecting the body. Known as fascia, they support our entire skeleton and soft tissues that uphold the structure of the body. Often known as the cement of the body that holds together organs, joints and muscles, connective tissues also perform the thermal insulation of the body.

This massage techniques target the fascia and provide relaxation through the entire body. This makes this massage type an effective way to treat chronic pain, increase vitality and improve posture. However, there are many other benefits of this massage.



It's is a great sensory experience that renders immense benefits on our body. It’s not only beneficial for relaxing and rejuvenation. The massage is also done for beauty purposes such as tightening of cellulite and reducing stretch marks. This kind of massage results in immediate release of shortening and restriction of fascia. Connective tissue massage techniques bring a feeling of tension relief in muscles and tissues.


Here are the top benefits of this massage:

Improves energy levels

Brings an overall sense of well-being

Restores muscle function

Promotes relaxation

Promotes self-healing

Restores postural alignment

Makes you feel light and free

Improves blood circulation

Promotes emotional release

Improves skin elasticity

Increases self-awareness

Improves range of motion

Improves balance

Minimizes chances of future injury



Connective tissue massage resembles Swedish massage in many aspects. It also includes pressure techniques combined with slow strokes applied on the arms, legs, back, and feet. At first, the muscles are warmed up to reduce the adhesions lying deep down in the muscles. Putting deep pressure on hands movements and often oils, the blood circulation is increased. One Connective tissue massage will last from a minimum of 30 minutes up to an hour.


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