Chinese Massage

Chinese Massage – What is it?

Chinese massage has been the core of Chinese medicine since 2nd Century BCE. It focusses on achieving balance between physical body and mental “energy” or “emotions”. This massage techniques primarily revolve around the belief to regulate ‘qi’ or ‘energy flow’ of the body to attain emotional and physical health.


Qi (ch’i) is a vital ‘life force’ that circulates in every living being at all times. Qi flows through its own natural channels known as meridians. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a Qi deficiency (blockage in meridians or imbalance in Qi) is the root cause of many illnesses.

Interestingly, modern research contends that imbalanced intestinal microbiota influences immunity and energy, causing increased susceptibility to disease. The Qi deficiency is also related to spleen. This can be treated with herbal medicines, exercise, acupuncture, and massage.



There are two basic Chinese massage techniques:

  • Tui Na - similar to a ‘Deep Tissue Massage’. This involves stretching, kneading and chopping movements to remove blockages and relieve painful muscles.
  • Zhi Ya - similar to Acupressure and Reflexology. This involves pressing and pinching techniques on epidermal skin layer to restore Qi and rejuvenate your mental and physical energy.



  1. Relieves Pain

Tui Na or Chinese massage therapy effectively eases pain from neck to lower back. A study showed that patients suffering from chronic neck pain improved after taking regular Tui Na treatments over several weeks.

  1. Quick Injury Recovery

An expert Chinese massage therapist helps to reduce inflammation and boost recovery of injured muscles using Tui Na massage therapy. Its massage techniques stimulate energy flow and blood flow to promote deeper relaxation and. This improves joint mobility and flexibility.

  1. Improves Balance

People with Parkinson’s disease have impaired mind-body coordination causing imbalances, as well as frequent falls. In a study, Parkinson’s sufferers showed incredible improvement after regular strength training, stretching, and the overall treatment from the Chinese massage therapist.

  1. Increases Circulation

The gentle pulling, pushing and pinching strokes around the acupoints boost blood circulation to that area. Ultimately, with increased blood flow, your blood pressure drops, arteries expand, and pain slowly fades away.



A professional therapist can tailor the Chinese massage therapy, as per your personal needs. Moreover, there are several types of techniques, where you may be fully clothed or partially unclothed. Although sessions involve pinching and pressing techniques to release blockages. Yet it leaves you rejuvenated and refreshed.


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