Bodywork – What is it?

Bodywork is different from massage, as the latter involves massaging of the skin only. Whereas bodywork is a broad concept that uses different relieving techniques like acupressure, stretching and massage, performed at a bodywork clinic.

This massage involves working on deep muscles. A sports massage technique is used, or any other tailored technique to suit the needs of the client. The focus is to correct the unnatural patterns that lead to poor posture (which is the cause of pain during bodily movements).

One of the most common problems prevalent among all age groups nowadays is neck and back pain. The reason for this is a bad posture. Bodywork is a form of holistic therapy. The basic purpose of this therapy is to ensure natural body movement. It aims to treat pain resulting from an array of health conditions, along with misaligned posture. In addition to this, it helps in the reduction of stress and the relaxation of muscles and joints.


There are different types of therapies and modalities that are part of bodywork, such as:


Feldenkrais Method

Alexander Technique

Neuromuscular Therapy


Craniosacral Therapy

Dance/Movement Therapy

The Trager Approach



True to its name, bodywork is a form of therapy that works for the well-being of both the mind and the body. Here are some of the top benefits:

Helps in correcting your posture that reduces pains and muscle tensions

Helps with sleep problems and ensures a deep sleep

Provides an overall feeling of well-being

Improves the energy levels of the body increasing productivity

Helps in reducing stress and anxiety levels

Improves concentration

Helps in lowering stress levels of the mind and body

Makes your joints more flexible

Promotes deep and effective breathing

It helps in relieving prolonged fatigue



A complete session starts off with a posture analysis and an analysis of your gait. After discussing the desired goals of the session, the bodywork practitioner will use kinesiology to examine the patient from all points of view. One session continues for an hour to 90 minutes. However, the whole treatment may be divided into many sessions. The practitioner at the bodywork clinic will advise you on different exercises and habits to implement in between the sessions.

Bodywork sessions are designed according to your individual bodily needs and health conditions. Thus, bodywork is an amazing solution for people for who require specific therapies for special needs.


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