Ayurveda Massage

Ayurveda Massage – What is it?

Ayurveda massage is not just another massage routine on the block. In fact, Ayurveda originated from Indian medicine around 5000 years ago. Using the holistic approach, the Ayurveda massage aims to relieve physical stress as well as an emotional burden. Ayurveda is based on the belief that the human body is composed of five different energies i.e., air, fire, water, earth, and space. Hence, the main aim of this holistic-based massage is to balance out these energies in order to attain spiritual and physical fulfillment.



The benefits are not limited to the body only. In fact, it’s a soothing retreat for the mind and spirit as well. The best Ayurvedic massage is the one that leaves you in a healthy and uplifted spiritual and physical state.

Here are the few benefits of this massage that make it a top choice among holistic medicine enthusiasts:


Improved Sleep:

If you have been struggling with sleep disorders or insomnia, then an Ayurveda massage is something that you need. Warm oil massage soothes your muscles and helps you sleep peacefully at night.


Weight Loss:

Maintaining a healthy weight is something many of us struggle with. This massage promotes weight loss and that too without any side effects. Massaging gently with medicinal oils removes the toxins and stimulates fat removal.



Ayurveda massage helps to decrease acidity in the blood, reduce stress, catering anxieties, and boost the immune system. These improve your overall health and help you live longer.


Reducing Stress:

A small study indicated that Ayurveda massage helps to reduce stress levels in healthy adults. The study showed a considerable drop in stress levels after one hour-long Ayurvedic massage.


Lowering Blood Pressure:

One of the highly acclaimed benefits of this massage is that it helps in reducing blood pressure in those suffering from hypertension as well as prehypertension. This claim has been backed by a 2011 study.



Ayurveda massage differs from usual Swedish or Sports massage. One of the best Ayurvedic massage experiences will leave you all stress-free and uplifted. The massage therapist will use customized warm oils to massage your skin using deep strokes. One session continues for 60 minutes and is accompanied by music and chants. Before the main massage, the therapist holds a pre-massage consultation to analyze your body needs and know about your expectations.


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