Aura Reading

Aura Reading – What is it?

Aura reading is the practice of sensing, seeing, or photographing a person’s aura. While auras are only visible to some people trained in the field, they are usually felt by everyone. In general terms, we typically refer to it as "vibes.” Vibes are the levels of energy you feel in the presence of someone. For example, it is a common observation that spending time with some people can make you feel happy and excited. On the other hand, spending time with others can leave you feeling emptied and drained. Consequently, this alteration in energy levels is caused by people’s aura.

What are the benefits of Aura Reading?

Seeing the aura can not only help you understand your deep emotions but also shows the energy you are emitting. Furthermore, you can use your aura reading to make positive changes and improve your life. In addition, an aura reading can help you with the following:

It helps relieve stress and anxiety immediately

Makes you aware of your negative emotions

Early detection of illnesses

Provides insights into your emotional status

Promotes generosity, kindness, and forgiveness

Lastly, an aura reading can give you powerful information that can help your health, character, and mental and emotional processing.

What should I expect from an Aura Reading?

During an aura reading session, an expert can not only feel and see your aura, but they can also photograph your aura to see the energy surrounding you. Seven layers of auras surround a person, and each of these layers represents a different element. Additionally, each of these layers connect to a specific root chakra. You instructor can help you determine if you have trouble with any of these layers by seeing the aura. In addition, they can guide you to make the right decisions to keep your energy flowing.

Following is the list of these auras:

The Etheric Layer

The Etheric layer is the densest and is presently closest to the body. It is connected to the root chakra and is the easiest one to see. Moreover, this layer absorbs your surrounding energy and represents your body's vitality and physical state.

The Emotional Layer

The emotional layer represents your feelings and emotions and is connected to the sacral chakra. In addition, the color of this layer changes according to your feelings.

The Mental Layer

The mental layer represents your thoughts, logic, and other cognitive processes. This layer is connected to the solar plexus chakra and is brightest when using your intellectual capabilities.

The Astral Layer

Next is the astral layer that represents your capacity to give and receive love. Due to its middle position, this aura provides a bridge between body and soul. Furthermore, it is connected to the heart chakra, and all energy flows through this layer.

The Etheric Layer

The fifth layer represents the ability to connect with others with the same wavelength as you and is connected to the throat chakra. This layer represents your physical body.

The Celestial Layer

The celestial layer represents dreams, intuition, and enlightenment. It relates to the third eye chakra and provides connectivity and spiritual enlightenment with the help of unconditional love and divinity.

The Spiritual Layer

The spiritual layer is called the causal layer, representing your life's purpose as well as your soul plans. This layer has the highest frequency and is connected to the throat chakra. Additionally, it provides harmony between all layers and guides your life's journey.


Auras are unseen energy fields that are present around all living things. They are of distinct colors due to the difference in their vibrational energies, giving each person a specific aura. Although aura reading is impossible without training, most people can easily sense them while interacting with others. In addition, seeing the aura can help you understand your energy blockages as well as guide you to unblock them.

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