Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique – What is it?

Alexander Technique can help you feel better in so many ways. Our bodies are designed with fine details and perfect mechanisms to keep moving in the most effortless way possible. As we grow old and learn to perform activities in a certain way, we tend to accumulate some bad habits over time. When adopted for a long period, these bad habits result in poor body mechanics and negative consequences like body pain and aches.

The Alexander Technique is a way of correcting these faulty body mechanics and reducing the effort of our daily movements. This technique not only focuses on your body movements but also stresses the role of the mind in this process. Keep in mind that the technique is not a quick solution for your pain and movement restrictions. It’s a learning process to make you aware of more fluent and accurate movement patterns.

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What are the benefits of the Alexander Technique?

It teaches you to adopt a perfect posture and coordinate your movements to relieve muscle tension and soreness. Additionally, it drives your attention to the faulty mechanisms that your body has adopted and helps you correct them through gentle touch and verbal cues.

Here are the benefits you can expect when enrolling in a class.

The most common benefit is to get rid of long-standing stiffness and pains like neck, back, and shoulder pain.

Can enhance your performance if you are a dancer, athlete, singer, or musician.

Helps to relieve the pain caused by repetitive strain injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome or cubital tunnel syndrome.

You’ll learn the correct posture for your office-based job. It will also eliminate the postural tension resulting from long sitting on a chair or staring at the computer.

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What should I expect from an Alexander Technique session?

You should enroll in classes where the instructor will guide you individually. The sessions start with assessing your sitting, standing, and lying posture. Your trainer will observe your movements closely with a gentle touch of the hands. It’s recommended that you wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothes to move freely.

You’ll be taught the basics of musculoskeletal movements and how the mind and body coordinate while producing day-to-day movements. Moreover, you’ll be taught the principles behind this technique, which will help you focus and control your movements in a better way.

The instructor will look and feel the movement restrictions and abnormal movement patterns with their hands. They’ll gently guide your movements through a better and more accurate movement pathway.

Learning the things, you are doing wrong is easy and can be done within a couple of sessions. Additionally, you will also see improvements in reduced muscle tension in pain after a few sessions. But to integrate these newly learned changes into your daily movements will need time and practice. To receive the full benefits, you will need to take several lessons, over many weeks to perfect your posture while performing mundane tasks.

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A healthy connection of the mind and body is a necessary element for leading a quality life. Alexander Technique is an excellent way to find that connection and enhance it for the better.

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