Acupressure – What is it?

Acupressure is a centuries-old Chinese practice that is quite similar in nature to acupuncture. It's is based on a belief that life energy flows through our body through 14 different meridians. An effective procedure to relieve pain and tension in the muscles, acupressure stimulates energy systems in the body.

Known as acupuncture without needles, acupressure is done with deep finger pressure on certain pressure points in the body that are known as acupoints. Energy flow through these energy points is crucial for the efficient working of the body parts. But these points are often blocked due to certain external factors, and cause pain and tension in the muscles. The main focus of the acupressure technique is to provide relief to these points, and ensure an efficient energy flow.



Known as the alternative healing method, acupressure not only brings relief from the pain but has overall health benefits on the body. Here is a list of benefits on your mind and body:

Helps in relieving pain and tension from the body

Aids in reducing stress and anxiety

Improves sleep

Helpful in relaxing muscles and joints

Regulates digestive issues

Minimizes cluster headaches or headaches associated with medical issues such as high blood pressure

Relieves menstrual cramps in women

Acupressure is regarded as an effective alternative pain-relieving method for migraines

Acupressure helps to reduce side effects that come with chemotherapy, like fatigue and nausea.



Acupressure massage therapy is a gentle and non-invasive massage. This is undertaken by a certified professional and usually lasts up to an hour. It is performed on a soft massage table with full clothes on. The professional uses fingertips (or sometimes elbows), to perform a massage on the pressure points/acupoints, to relieve pressure. Some professionals like to use simple tools like a pen.

You should expect to feel a little soreness or bruising on these points along with other side effects but none of the side effects last long. Some people might feel a little dizziness after the session.

There is no universal after-effect to acupressure therapy as it varies from person to person. Some people feel super relaxed after the therapy, while some feel a surge in their energy levels. Everyone is different and may react differently, so it all depends on how your body responds.


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